Choosing A Down Comforter

We spend one third of our valuable life in the cozy comfort of our bed and the rest only is spent for our active life. This is not to suggest that you need to sleep less but to remind you about the need for a durable and luxurious down comforter to make at least one third of your life rich and trouble free.

Like any other wise purchase we make, the money we spend for a down comforter should also fetch its worth and the piece we buy has to be the most suited for the need whether it is for the warmth, luxury or simple good sleep. Down comforters are plentiful in the market have both economy varieties and expensive ones. One needs to be a bit careful and inquisitive in knowing the basic details of these night mates to make a wise choice.

Many down comforters that are displayed in the shops come without any literature on the item and thus making the buying decision a speculative one. It is in this context the selection of a good goose down comforter becomes a wise decision. This high quality comforter from a down bedding specialist makes your sleeping a luxury with no need to change the down for years to come.

Goose down is definitely preferred to a duck down. The basic reason is the odor. Goose down has little or no odor. It is a bye product of the poultry industry the world over. If the label on the comforter does not mention the goose down then it is most likely duck down that has some odor and comparatively cheaper . Down of mature geese of cold regions helps trap more body heat and give more warmth and lofting in a comforter that is pretty puffy without much weight. It would be useful to know the term fill power the measurement to determine the capacity to loft up on compression. As per conventional estimates a 650 fill up or more is considered as luxury quality. The more the fill power the more the warmth and puffy comfort. Cluster count is the term used to denote the whole down clusters instead of the separate pieces of broken down or fly, as it is otherwise known. The finest white goose down in the world comes from the Canadian white goose. The Polish and Hungarian white goose down comforters are also considered as premium quality though the Eiderdown is known the world over as the best down available in the global market.

**The Cover**

Next to the downs, it is the cover that is most important. The downs are such leaky material that it may come out of any other fabric or textile material except the finest quality of Egyptian cotton fabric. Apart from the highest thread count it is the calendaring that gives this fabric that specialty to hold the downs in tact. Calendaring is a compressing process with the help of steel rollers to fill up any minute spaces in the fabric. Germany and Switzerland are the two countries that supply the best cambric cotton down proof fabric. The cambric cotton comes mostly with sateen finish and is more soft and durable. A thread count of 300 or more is considered the best and it may hold the down in tact for a period of 10 to15 years. The comforters filled with Eiderdown the best down available in the world normally make use of the Switzerland down proof cambric cottons. These fabrics have the highest thread counts woven as per specific order with sateen finish and super soft comfort.

The down comforters are stitched according to the users need. While the open stitch allows the filling to move the closed stitch serves the opposite. There are also other stitching styles like the baffle channel tri wall and the channel tri wall to suit to different habits and preference of the users. The temperature of the bedroom is also another factor to be considered for the comforter. An ideal temperature of 60-70 degrees is best suited for high quality down comforters through out the year.

A best goose down comforter would be irresistible even to those few who have ‘sleepless nights’.

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