Cleaning Trends And Tips From The Pros

Cleaning Trends And Tips From The Pros

According to a recent survey, spring-cleaning is not just done during March or April.

More than 50 percent of those who responded to a recent cleaning trends survey conducted by Levolor Window Fashions said spring-cleaning can be-and is-done all year long.

The survey also discovered that quite a few people will happily pay someone else to spring-clean their homes.

The job is so resented that 33 percent of respondents say they are willing to pay someone else $50 to $100 to do it for them.

Cleaning window treatments is a very unpopular part of the job. More than 30 percent said this is their least favorite cleaning job.

If you are among the 30 percent of people who don’t like cleaning their window treatments, here are some tips to help make the job easier:

• If you don’t have a brush attachment to clean blinds, try wearing a pair of cotton mittens or socks and running them over your blinds.

• By tilting slats down on window blinds, but not closing, you’ll be able to clean most of the top surface of each slat.

• Cellular shades can be cleaned with a feather duster.

• Faux wood blinds can be cleaned with a slightly damp cloth.

• Make sure to test a small area when using water and detergent to clean fabric shades. Choose a spot that is not in main view.

• Wipe your blinds with a sheet of fabric softener after you’ve cleaned them. This will help prevent dust buildup for the next cleaning.

Your hard work will pay off when your blinds are dust-free and allergen-free and refreshed for another year.

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