Fabrics, accessories, and custom shutters provide excellent privacy control for the bedroom and bathroom windows

If your bedroom or bathroom faces the street or a nearby neighbor, issues of privacy and light control, plays a very important part in addressing your wellbeing and piece of mine. There are a couple of window treatments available to choose from such as lined panels, operative shutters, or light-controlling blinds. Either one of these window treatments will secure your privacy from unwanted eyes while taking a shower or changed your clothing.

Keeping light out of the bedroom is as important as letting it in or controlling its levels. Blinds do not offer as much noise control as heavy fabric shades and provide privacy only when they are completely closed. Heavy draperies are seldom appropriate for the scale and style of bedrooms, so use a combination of light draperies, shades, or blinds. Check the fabric to determine how much privacy and light control it offers.

Natural light is optimal light. To achieve good natural light control during the day, hang a flexible window treatment that provides privacy but let in maximum daylight. The best investment is a set of plantation shutters or high-quality blinds. If blinds blades don’t fit tightly and are turned downwards, upstairs neighbors may be able to see through them. The same goes for blades turned upward, downstairs neighbors may be able to peer in.

A blind with standard white plastic or metal blades is always a good choice, while shiny; chrome blades express a sleek, chic style. Both are waterproof and easily cleaned with a dust cloth or a brush designed for blind blades. Another option is to install a classic white roller shade; it disappears behind a valance when rolled up to let in the light. Bedrooms and bathrooms should be restful, but they don’t have to be dull or dated. Give your sleepy abode a wakeup call with lively window treatment.

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