Flooring Products

Flooring Products

Summary: It’s surprising that the flooring product choices available to this date are so numerous: marble, slate, granite, cork, bamboo and the hard wood are among the countless choice.

It’s surprising that the flooring product choices available to this date are so numerous. Naming a few for the avant-garde and chic, we have marble, slate, and granite. For the traditional and the naturalists, the natural cork flooring, bamboo and the hard wood are really conservative choices. For the old school and the rustic, nothing can beat aged bricks. Until recently we also have these surface finishes.

Flooring products now are chosen more for its properties and positives it allows more to its conventional appeal than in the past. Just like cork flooring which is rather unheard of in the past due to its lack of robustness. But natural cork floorings today are in fact sturdier.

Stone Floors

Natural stone do make impressive and versatile flooring products. They can be left rough to emulate natural setting, or cut into geometric shapes. They can be also grouped into similar color and veining, assembled in such a way to depict a pattern. Stone flooring products are used centuries ago and it is still being used now.

Stone flooring products include limestone, marble, slate, granite, terrazzo, flagstone, and travertine. While some others would dispute travertine as being a category of limestone is in fact false. Travertine possesses unique properties that make it distinguishable from limestone and marble. Limestone, marble and granite are expensive choices, especially those that have exquisite veining in them, although naturally stone are among the expensive flooring products due to its complicated preparation. Moreover, stone flooring do require sturdy sub floors due to its weight.

Wood Floors

Wood flooring products, though much more fragile compared to stone do offer one undisputed aspect: aesthetic. Wood floors are among the most beautiful floors, and they are versatile to a point. Wood floors do look better when aged, just like brick if not sturdier. Laminations and pour-on are popular choices for wood flooring in making them more lasting. Wood flooring products include oak, maple, pine, bamboo, cherry, mahogany, and teak.

Carpet Floors

Carpets flooring products are best known for its easy application. In reality, carpets flooring are always purchased without a packaged installation. Since it is very easy to install, flooring product manufacturers don’t include the installation service to the package.

The decisive component of carpet flooring product is its fiber. They define the overall quality of the carpet. There are existing five basic types of carpet fibers. They are nylon, olefin, polyester, acrylic, and wool. The most resistant is Nylon though most shy away from nylon for its aesthetic properties. Olefin (or polypropylene) is also a strong fiber.

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