Halloween Child Safety Tips

Halloween Child Safety Tips

People from all over the world often associate Halloween with fun and treats. Parents allow their children to go out and enjoy their trick and treat activities, without thinking about their child’s safety to some degree. The truth is, Halloween is not just about fun and treats. Several reports have revealed that compared to the other usual nights, the Halloween nights are more dangerous to children ages 5 to 11. A large number of children were killed and injured during Halloween nights and this happens primarily because of lack of parent’s supervision.

So what should parents do to prevent their children from getting injured at Halloween? How can they help their children have a safe and fun Halloween?

There are a lot of things that parents can do for their child’s safety at Halloween. To know more about the most advisable Halloween child safety strategies, just read on below some of the worth noting Halloween child safety tips that are perfect for parents, guardians and children as well.

Halloween Child Safety Tips for Children:

* It is a rule of thumb for small children to go only to a well-lit house and remain only on porches rather than entering the house.
* It is important to engage on trick or treat activities with a number of peers with you. If possible, a small child traveling in small groups should be accompanied by an adult.
* For ultimate Halloween child safety, it is best to keep and know phone numbers and carry coins or cell phone for emergency calls.
* Prepare name tags with addresses and attached them to Halloween costumes.
* If you are given treats, don’t eat them immediately. Instead, bring them home before eating so parents can inspect them.
* Use costume swords and knives that are not sharp and rigid. You can consider the flexible ones, instead.
* Walk on the neighborhoods with flashlights.
* Stay on sidewalks and avoid crossing yards.
* If you want to cross the street, cross at the corner, not between parked cars.
* Stay together in a group before crossing.
* If possible, choose and wear clothing that are bright, reflective and flame retardant.
* Don’t wear masks for that will only obstruct your vision. Try to use face paint.
* Don’t wear baggy or oversized costumes to prevent tripping.

Halloween Child Safety Tips for Parents:

* Don’t let your children age below 12 to go out at Halloween nights by themselves. For ultimate Halloween childen safety, it is best to supervise them and their outing.
* Set a curfew for older children.
* Prepare homes for tricks or treaters by cleaning and clearing your porches, sidewalks, and lawns.
* Inspect candies and candy wrappers for safety before letting the children eat them.
* Make sure that the pedestrian area is safe for trick or treaters.
* If you are driving, watch for children crossing the streets. Drive safely and slowly.

Those basically are the Halloween child safety tips. Just follow them and your children will surely have a fun and enjoyable Halloween experience.

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