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Howard Miller Clock

Howard Miller Clocks is one of the world’s makers of famous and elegant clocks. Howard Miller Clocks was established by an individual named Howard Miller in 1926 at the early age of twenty-one. Howard Miller answered the call for the creation of high quality and valued timepieces. Every single timepiece that the Howard Miller Clocks showcase, are guaranteed to have undergone strict and vigorous scrutiny.
The founder of Howard Miller Clocks was taught in the fine art of manufacturing timepieces by his own father, Herman Miller, in the Black Forest section of Germany. This developed the innovative sense of Howard Miller by which gave birth to a tradition of uncompromised excellence that was passed along through three generations. Whereas in the early years, clock manufacturers concentrate on making chiming wall clocks and mantel clocks, Howard Miller Clocks established the development of “avant garde” timepieces. These avant garde are mostly seen in galleries of elegant and famous timepiece collections.
During the period of the Second World War, Howard Miller Clock along with Ford Motors Company manufactured covers for anti-aircraft batteries. Howard Miller then shifted its attention to grandfather clocks during the sixties. With this shift of interest, Howard Miller Clocks has acquired the title of having the largest grandfather clock producer in the whole world.
Howard Miller then purchased three firms as part of its effort to provide clients with the best handicraft creations. The three firms are: “The Heckman Furniture Company”, “The Woodmark Company” and the “Kieninger Company” of Germany. The Heckman Furniture Company provides carefully fashioned 18th and 19th century hardwood pieces for Howard Miller. The Heckman Furniture Company is considered as one of the leaders of the furniture manufacturing industry in the United States. The Woodmark Company creates excellent upholstered pieces for Howard Miller. Unification of The Heckman Furniture Company and The Woodmark Company has provide consumers with a wide selection of excellent quality casegoods and fine upholstery for Howard Miller. While the “Kieninger Company” is responsible for the superb clock movements of Howard Miller clocks. The clock movements that the Kieninger Company manufactures offer a wide array of patented technical innovations. Kieninger Company also provides a large assortment of clock making specialties for Howard Miller.
The expansion of the products of Howard Miller has attracted a diverse range of consumers; consumers that yearn high quality timepieces and fixtures. Today, Howard Miller creations are mostly given as gifts for weddings, anniversaries and retirements.
The heritage that the founder of Howard Miller left behind offers unmatched workmanship and supreme quality that is present on every Howard Miller timepiece available today. From the traditional to the latest trends, there is always a Howard Miller clock for everyone that will suit his or her taste.

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