If someone you know is expecting a baby you may have been thinking about purchasing a gift

If someone you know is expecting a baby you may have been thinking about purchasing a gift

These types of linens are specifically designed just for little ones. They are as absorbent as a regular towel but they come complete with a small pouch made just for the baby’s head. A baby hooded towel allows the parent the luxury of wrapping up the baby’s wet hair and wrapping up their body at the same time. Their small face remains exposed so it’s an ideal bath item.

Many people don’t even realize that these items exist. They just use their regular bath towels to dry the baby. This works fine but the texture of a standard towel can cause irritation to the sensitive skin of a newborn. Baby towels are generally made from a terry towel material which is soft to the touch. This feels nicer to the baby and helps keep them warm once they are removed from the bath water.

Baby wear departments of most major chain stores as well as specialty baby boutiques are the places to go to find a baby hooded towel. You may be pleasantly surprised to discover that the selection of colors that are available is vast. The expected pink and blue will be there as well as some that carry the images of popular cartoon characters. Another fun choice is baby towels with a zoo animal theme such as a picture of a giraffe or a lion.

Launder them as you would any of the garments the baby will be wearing. This usually requires the use of a baby friendly laundry detergent. Fabric softener is questionable and whether or not you use it will depend largely on any allergies your baby may have. Some fabric softeners now come without a strong scent so they may be more appropriate for washing a baby hooded towel.

You may think that you can only use this item when the baby is small but many people still find them useful after a toddler’s bath. In fact, a two or three-year-old will probably think of a baby hooded towel as more of a cape and will take off running once they leave the bathtub, with the towel waving behind them.

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