Lights for country escapades – Cabin lighting

Lights for country escapades – Cabin lighting

Cabins are places where you go to relax on weekends or simply to get away from the busy life of the city. Thus, creating a cozy, calm atmosphere in your cabin is quite necessary for it to achieve its function. The mood in your cabin can be greatly determined by your choice of cabin lighting. Most importantly, the choice of cabin lighting should coincide with the cabin’s interior design. Who would want the blinding halogen lamps or the cold glare of fluorescents to match with your log walls?

Most cabin lighting would require rustic designs or those that typify a country look. Anything rustic, warm, and natural would be the appropriate designs for your weekend hideout. Chandeliers are popular for cabin lighting and they do come out in designs perfect for a country environment. Lamps that resemble the outdoors are also great alternatives for your cabin lighting. Wrought iron looks great for lamp designs.

However, neutral colors like brown, white, beige, yellow, or tan should dominate these designs. Save your pastel colored lamps for your contemporary condominiums, please.

Wall sconces are a great adornment to your cabin walls aside from adding to functionality. Pendants in yellow lights would also look adorable if suspended in their proper places. Depending on the size of your rooms, brightness cabin lighting may be adjusted to desired intensity by the wattage of the bulbs used. Unless cabin lighting adjustments cannot be met, dimmers are also useful alternatives.

Among the popular manufacturers for cabin lighting include Den Haan, Perko, Sea Dog, Thin Lite, E.A. Sorrensen, Foresti and Suardi, NewMar, Weems and Plath, Innovative Lighting, White Cap, Victory and Vetus. These manufacturers produce a variety of designs of chandeliers, lamps, sconces, masthead lights, pendants, etc. While cabin lighting may come in various designs, price range varies from $90 for lamps to up to $7,000 for the extravagant chandeliers.

Distinctive features can help accentuate your cabin for a more personal touch. You can use lights with compound curvature of lens that provide wide-angle lighting so that the entire cabin will be illuminated reducing shadows.

Whatever your type of design there are plenty of newly fashioned lights that can provide with your desired look and feel for your cabin. Just like all the rest of the functionality of lights, cabin lighting should be designed carefully because it can greatly impact the type of mood you can have for your weekend escapade.

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