London builders: bathroom right choice.

London builders: bathroom right choice.

What makes a good bathroom.
How to choose the right bathroom suite from all the variety we have on the market? What is it necessary to consider when choosing a bathtub or necessary equipment? Well chosen and successfully placed bathtub and equipment will make them comfortable and easy to use.

To start at the right time.
It is necessary to choose needed bathroom equipment (including a bathtub) before the new bathroom installation works start. Having decided on the arrangement of bathroom equipment, it is necessary to work out water-piping and drainage system, in case new layout differs from the existing one.

A selection and a number of pipes and fitment required (connectors, fittings, branch boxes, etc) shall be chosen in accordance with the configuration plan. In case the existing layout is preserved, it is necessary to decide whether old bathroom pipes need to be replaced. New bathroom units installation starts just before the beginning of finishing works.

Where to start with when choosing a bathtub.
When choosing a bathtub, it is necessary to following criteria. A bathtub needs to be of comfortable size and form, to fit to the size and interior of the new renovated bathroom. The bathtub should be solid and resistant to mechanical damages, resistant to solvent action of water (wooden bathtubs or Ofuro, also known as furo a traditional Japanese bath, normally associated with a steep-sided wooden bathtub). A new bathroom installation system shall correspond to the existing water supply system. In case drainage accessories (waste traps) are not included in a set, it is necessary to buy a bathtub and a waste trap at the same time to provide compatibility of constructions. All of the bathtubs are supplied with the openings for overflow which are structurally connected with a bath trap.

It is recommended to choose mixers when purchasing a bath as well. It is important to know that
installing a new bathtub, it is necessary to allow a comfortable space near the new bathtub to make your bathroom safe to use. Also it is better to choose a model with anti-slip coating on a bottom which is provided by adding quartz granulated material or rubber droplets. For convenience of using, fashionable bathtubs are often provided with different types of elbow-rests, headrests, comfortable chrome-plated or gilded handles, housing for soap dishes, etc. Many manufacturers produce baths with the backrests of anatomic form which follow human body curves. Depending on a buyer’s predilections and general bathroom interior design, it is possible to choose a bathroom suite of nearly any color. Usually, most of available commercial bathroom suites are of white color. More refined colors are supplied to order. Timing of orders differs.

What does a price of a bathroom suite depends on?
Manufacturing material (in increasing price: steel, cast-iron, acrylic), a size (bathtubs of standard sizes are cheaper), a form (rectangular bathtubs are cheaper than angular and shaped ones, at other equal descriptions: manufacturing material, class, setting). Also the presence of additional functional details: headrests, elbow-rests, seats, handles, shelves, etc. A class and design of a product defines the price range too: “practical”, “first class”, “super de luxe”. For example the “super de luxe” rectangular cast-iron bathtub is more expensive than the “practical” shaped acrylic bathtub).

What is not recommended.
Buying a bathtub in case there are even insignificant chips or cracks on its surface. Choosing a bathroom suite supplier it is better to buy a bathroom suite of the known bathroom manufacturer, which guarantees quality of material and coverage: thoroughness of surface treatment before enamel application (no gaps, no knobs, nor crumbs or sand are allowed under enamel), quality of the bathtub enamel and its application. Identical colors of different bathroom suite suppliers can have different tones, therefore, it is better to buy a complete set of bathroom equipment of one manufacturer.

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