Low Voltage Outdoor Lighting Tips

Low Voltage Outdoor Lighting Tips

Many homeowners only come home at night after work. They do have good landscapes at home, but what use is it when they can’t even see its beauty. This is where low voltage outdoor lighting comes in.

Unlike those used inside the homes, these low voltage outdoor lighting systems come in 12 volts current. Although these have less lighting power, they are just right for a ground and garden set-up.

It is safe to use and comes in prepackaged sets as well. With these prepackaged sets, you don’t have to worry about forgetting a component for your lighting set-up. The prices vary from 15 dollars to 100 dollars depending on the type of components that come in with it.

One thing good about low voltage outdoor lighting is that you can set it up yourself. It is less expensive, and you don’t have to pay a professional electrician to set it up. With the low voltage outdoor lighting system, you can add new lights even when the power is on.

It is a fun and creative way of highlighting gardens and landscape features. At the start, you must know what mood you want your outdoor lighting to create. Look for focal points as trees, your main entrance, & landscapes – then work around these.

Low voltage outdoor lighting fixtures vary in design depending on its use. There are the path lighting fixtures that shed light onto the ground; the ground fixtures that project light upwards onto a wall or garden landscape; the deck lighting fixtures that can be built into posts or steps as an extra measure of visibility and safety.

Also, worthy of consideration for your low voltage outdoor lighting design, are the solar-powered fixtures. These are more expensive at about 10 dollars a fixture. In the long run though, you will be able to save more on your energy consumption and you will have no problem on its maintenance. You will also be pleased with the thought that these are environment friendly fixtures. One thing to keep in mind also, is that these requires direct sunlight to recharge their photocells during the day.

Part of the low voltage outdoor lighting system is the transformer. It adjusts the household current to the level needed by these low voltage lighting fixtures. Most come with a timer, and some make use of a photocell which acts as a switch turn on at night, and off on daytime.

Low voltage outdoor lighting system is a do-it-yourself system, and you pretty much have full control on how the design of the outdoor lighting goes. With the soft lights these low voltage outdoor fixtures provide, you will be delighted on having not only increased the safety of your home, but its beauty as well.

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