Mattress Warehouse

Mattress Warehouse

Mattress Warehouse is but another well-known provider of high quality and branded mattresses. The company has started doing business in the bedding industry in 1983 out of a single retail store which was originally located at South Charleston, West Virginia. It is from this single outlet where the company’s notable expansion has started which was later on followed by major developments in the company’s history, then leading to where the company has been these days. It was reported that Mattress Warehouse currently 30 outlets, all serving and providing the public with the best quality mattresses.

As implied, there are a lot of mattress brands offered by Mattress Warehouse. Included in their brand list are Sealy, Stearns & Foster, Simmons, Serta, Comfort Solutions, Restonic, and Tempur-Pedic. All of these brands are considered knowing that these are some of the people’s favorites. More and more people throughout the world are looking for these brand names, and it is in this way where the company has gained popularity as a one-stop shop for branded mattresses.

Perhaps what is more interesting to know about Mattress Warehouse is that they offer and feature all of the best mattress brands available with the outstanding values. The mattresses are, however, offered at different price range for the reason that each was built uniquely from the other. The price levels of their mattresses are actually accompanied with a second-to-none customer service, then making the Mattress Warehouse one of the bedding retailers with the best, friendly customer service.

Mattress Warehouse, aside from its being a great provider of high quality mattresses, is also well-known for its selection of sleep-related products including daybeds, futons, electric adjustable beds, mattress pads, pillows, brass, wood and iron beds, and other related accessories. All of these products are offered at pretty reasonable prices and they are designed to complement the major product line of the company itself.

With all the best selections available, it is no wonder that since inception until today, Mattress Warehouse is acclaimed anywhere in the United States and the world as one of the largest providers of branded mattresses. A number of its suppliers have in fact recognized the company on a number of occasions with an award citing outstanding performance. And with the company’s strong support coming from its suppliers and customers, there is no doubt that Mattress Warehouse is going to position itself as the leading bedding retailer not only in West Virginia where it is original headquartered but throughout the continents. It is further nice to know that Mattress Warehouse owes much of its success to the undying support coming from its employees who done much of their effort just to provide the people the best quality mattresses available.

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