Microfiber Bedding- A New Favorite

´╗┐Microfiber Bedding- A New Favorite

Microfiber is used in so many ways that we hear the word often when speaking of bedding, apparel, fabrics and furniture.
Microfiber bedding is a newer fabric and is very, very popular these days- but have you every wondered what this microfiber truly is?
To the layman who doesn’t want a bunch of technical data, the fiber is microscopically thin..1/100th the diameter of a human hair.
Microfiber bedding, as a result is wonderfully soft to the touch.
Products made from microfibers like nylon and polyester are created with fibers that are also strong and extremely thin. These fibers are even thinner than the most luxurious than natural fibers, such as silk. And get this- microfiber can even be made to feel like suede, cotton or silk! How cool is that?
Fabric created from microfiber that is then used to create your bedding means that you will have products that are lighter, more comfortable, long lasting, breathable and even easier to clean. And it doesn’t come with a high pricetag either.
Products created from these fibers are also great for allergy sufferers.
Dust mites can live in such places as comforters, pillows and mattresses, microfiber can be woven into dense covers that do not allow the dust mites to escape and bother the allergy sufferer. Microfiber is an invention that has made a big difference in the lives of those with allergies. Zip on pillow covers, quality mattress pads, duvets to cover comforters and even comforters made with microfiber exteriors have reduced the problems for those allergic to dust mites significantly.
But these products are not just for those with allergies.
Let’s look at some of the great bedding you can find made from microfiber:
The Bolder Peak Comforter by Columbia is a great example of the use of microfiber to create practical bedding at low prices.
This reversible comforter has an exterior shell made of 250 thread count microfiber and 100% polyester filling. The comforter is labeled machine washable. Color combinations are navy/camel, black/blue and Berry/China Berry. Practical as bedding choices for dorm rooms, guest rooms, master bedrooms and every bedroom in your house, you’ll love the prices you’ll find on these microfiber comforters by Columbia.
Dockers doesn’t just make clothing anymore.
The famous Dockers label can now be found on bedding- including a reversible comforter set that comes with matching bed skirt and shams.
The microfiber polyester outer shell holds 100% polyester filling to create a lightweight but cozy comforter. Stain Defender technology means that spills and stains will be few and easy to remove because they will not bond with the fabric. Amethyst, black, navy and other colors are combined to provide lots of color choices in the reversible comforter. The pillow shams and bed skirt match one side of the comforter and coordinate with the other side. This microfiber choice is a great way to stretch your bedding dollar.
Microsuede and microfiber combine to create a great comforter from the J.C. Penny line of bedding.
One side of the reversible comforter is microfiber polyester, the other side is polyester microsuede, providing variation in textures. The hypoallergenic 100% polyester filling makes this machine washable comforter a great choice. Available with matching cotton/polyester blend pillow shams. Colors are black/tarragon, navy/wedgewood and thyme/tarragon.
If you want a comforter that feels like real down, you’ll want to know about Camden’s Reversible Down-Like Comforter. This bedding is filled with microgel, a down-like product that is allergy resistant and has that luxurious down feel. The outer shell is polyester microfiber and ten reversible color combinations are available. If you love down but don’t love the weight of down, you’ll love this down-like microgel filling inside the lightweight microfiber shell.
If you prefer blankets to comforters, Biederlack has created the Aurora Microfiber Bed Blanket that is light weight yet warm and cozy. The soft feel of the microfiber makes this bedding choice perfect in any and every one of the nine beautiful colors available. All common sizes are also available. You’ll want to add several to your bedding collection because they are reasonably priced yet high quality and fully machine washable.
Remember to read and follow the care labels on your bedding created from microfiber. Most microfiber should not be left in a hot dryer for prolonged periods of time. The material dries quickly because of the tiny fibers in the bedding.
Microfiber- A new favorite in the world of bedding.

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