Monogrammed Anniversary Gift Idea

Monogrammed Anniversary Gift Idea

One way to make a gift more special and more personalized is to put embroideries and monograms on them. Some people who have the time put the monograms themselves, usually initials, while others just have it monogrammed. There are stores that provide this kind if service in malls. You just have to find them.
There are a host of gift items that you can personalize and monogram. Below are some gift items that you can have monogrammed.

Cloths are not the only one that you can have monogrammed. You can also have a pen engraved with your initials. Some even out their full names on the pen. This really depends on the preference of the couples that you are giving these anniversary gifts too. Often, stores that sell pens already do engraving for free as additional service to improve customer relations. Still, there are others demand payment. If you are not keen in paying for this kind of service, make sure then that the service is free before you purchase the items.

Giving matching mugs is perfect for couples who enjoy taking their breakfast together. This is also a great gift idea for people who are coffee addicts. If they are going to use the mugs at the office or at work, ask them to exchange mugs and take the one with the initials of the partner. This way, the mugs will serve as reminder of the person when at work.

This is actually the standard item that you can have monogrammed. You can place both of their initials on the cloth or put a design that will remind them of each other. You can also place the year that they are celebrating their anniversary. This way, they can use the handkerchief as display or souvenir of the occasion that they are celebrating.

Another standard gift item that is usually monogrammed is the towel. You can also include under this category bathrobes and face towels, which are often used in the house. This is perhaps the advantage of giving towels and bathrobes. You can be sure that they will be using your gift. The gift will not suffer the same fate as other gifts that the receiver cannot use because they already have one. With towels, you just can’t have enough.

Spoon and Fork
Another great symbolic gift item are spoons and fork. Why not give them a whole set with their names or initials monogrammed on each? This will be a wonderful gift that the couple will surely appreciate.

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