Protect Your Patio With Vinyl Covers

If your patio suffers from too much sun, then perhaps it is time to have a vinyl patio installed! Vinyl patios provide the patio or deck with much needed shade from the sun and direct heat. Having some outdoor space and a pretty patio can instead be a hassle if it does not have any covering against the elements should there be a storm or sudden heat wave. Vinyl material can be very durable and resistant to the elements and is increasingly become popular among do-it-yourself and professional builders. They are easy to install and are very durable. Plus they are easy to acquire and are not maintenance heavy.

1. Longest Lasting Cover Material

There are millions of Americans who have had patio covers installed this year. A study shows that Americans typically spend over $2 billion on patio covers alone. That’s a lot of money! The demand for these structures is so high that people are beginning to study how to make these materials last longer to avoid having to repair their patios every so often. Fortunately, in today’s building society, there is a growing list of viable materials to choose from.

There are many available materials that may be used to for this purpose. However, vinyl patios offer one of the best solutions for one’s home. They are durable, and will withstand much punishment from the elements. They can also be custom-made to take any shape or structure one desires. The final structure they take is only limited to the imagination and the liking.

For many, wood is the supreme building material for patio covers – at least beauty-wise. Builders and home owners alike have been entranced by the beauty of wood. They either use redwood or cedar to build beautiful patio covers. Unfortunately, the downside of using wood is that it isn’t very durable. In fact, one has to apply a preservative on the wood at least every three years. If one doesn’t take care of them, the wooden cover will gradually deteriorate after a few years. Well-maintained wooden patios can last for about a decade. However, they are very maintenance-heavy. One needs to make sure they are always in tip top shape.

2. Maitenance-Free

Simply clean them off when they get dirty. They cost a bit more than wood, but they are sturdier and can take more punishment. Wood can rot if not treated properly. Vinyl on the other hand can even last a lifetime.

When choosing vinyl for a patio cover, one will have to be aware of the fact that not all the brands are top-notch. Buyers will have to take samples of vinyl and see for themselves if they are truly up to the task. They may also want to seek advice from professional builders to see which vinyl are recommendable and will hold up to expectations. Vinyl is a little pricier than its wood counterpart. They may cost anywhere in the $30 per square foot line. But for those who seek to have a sturdier patio cover, vinyl is the solution.

3. The Aluminum Alternative

Aluminum is also a popular choice among builders. They, just like vinyl, are virtually maintenance-free. They are also sturdy and durable. They heat up pretty quick though, but that shouldn’t deter some people from choosing aluminum. They are a viable alternative to wood, and ranks just about there with vinyl.

One’s house deserves the best. Scrimping on cost for building a patio covers could ultimately cost more in the long run. Vinyl offers the most bang for the buck. Aside from not needing much maintenance, this material will stand the test of time. Of course, wood also has its advantages, and there will be situations in which you will prefer wood over vinyl. That is, however, according to the need. One should always consider his or her home needs when choosing which material to use.

So now you are ready to get to fixing up your patio cover. Vinyl covers will last you a lifetime. Why not try them today and save more on tomorrow!

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