Rayovac Sportsman LED Lantern (SE3DLNA) (2)

Rayovac Sportsman LED Lantern (SE3DLNA)

Rayovac Sportsman LED Lantern (SE3DLNA) is one lantern that is great indoors or outdoors. This lantern has tactical switches, rubber grips and optimized beams athat is perfect when you are outdoors and fishing or in a camping trip. This is perfect for lighting your house especially if the electricity is down. It is ultra-portable and is so compact that it is just seven inches tall and under three inches across. It gives off about 240 lumens which make it ideal outdoors when you are spending the night after hiking and camping.
The durable ABS construction gives it water resistance and the design has a two-tone color which is green and black. This lantern is designed to wither rugged conditions and situations. It sports a convenient handle and a hook. Rubberized handles and excellent folding capabilities makes this lantern a truly outdoors type of equipment. The weight makes it easy to carry and there is a LED lamp that blinks every five seconds when the lantern is not in operation. This will give you the ability to locate the lamp in dark situation. Since this is sturdy, the manufacturers back it up with a lifetime guarantee.
The use of LED is ingenious as it is more durable than traditional bulbs. It is the preferred lighting source since it has no mercury or filament that could burnout. No replacement is necessary within its lifetime. The LED is so efficient as it will extend the life of your battery. Thus LEDs are more efficient than bulbs and you need not to buy more batteries as a result. Also, the three D batteries are enough to power this lantern up to 40 hours of continuous use using the high mode and up to 90 hours for the safe or lantern mode. This model has a strobe function to boot.
The small form factor makes it one of the best in the industry. If you just look at the photographs you may think that this product lacks the power for big tasks. You will find it very deceiving. The unit’s compact and sturdy construction makes it truly idea for camping trips. Those who have purchased the product agree that the rubberized grips make it ideal in the outdoors. The grips allow you more traction in handling the lantern. You can grip the lantern with just one hand without the fear that you will lose it. Hooks are provided in the lantern so you can easily hang it inside your tent or cottage.
Brightness is something that this lantern does not lack. It has various modes that you can choose so you can customize the need according to the situation. There are no shadows that can be seen which are prevalent with other lanterns. It means that the light is diffused efficiently.
Of course, the product ain’t perfect. One thing that is sore about the product is changing the batteries. Changing the power source can be a daunting task. Placing the batteries needs a bit more patience as it is very tricky. The base has two stations which explain why people are confused on where the batteries should go. The blinking of the LED finder light can impact the battery life. Also, The D batteries of the lantern could also add considerable weight on the product. However, once you get used to changing the batteries it will surely be a breeze.
If you are looking for a cheap yet powerful lantern then you should get this one. Compared to expensive and bulkier lanterns this stands well with others in the market. This is ideal for the person who likes to stay at night outdoors.

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