Round Area Rugs

Round Area Rugs

Call it conventional but round area rugs will never fade out from the industry of home accessories. Even in the yesteryears, it has already been used by thousands of households where by now, the embellishments are modernized in order to give that contemporary feel fit for the new millennium.

There are plenty of round area rugs available in that are classified into Cirque from China, Legend from Turkey, Dynamix from Belguim and Agra from India, to name a few. They can all be purchased online or you can also contact them at their toll free number at 1-800-982-7210. When you decide to procure, they have a 30- day guarantee plus free shipment within the United States and Canada.

Generations from Egypt is among the round area rugs that boasts of a beautiful collection in the notable Sphinx’s cross woven. It is made up of around 36 colors in every single theme. The memorable shades palette consists of greens, reds, plums and browns that are in a variety of soft to deep hues. The designs are traditional, tribal and transitional as well as contemporary. It is sold at $199.

Dynasty from China is an imposing example of that classic oriental form of art. It has been known that the ancient Chinese have incorporated stylized calligraphy in their work which is no wonder why it has been considered significantly intricate for the human eye. Their several masterpieces symbolizes double stand for happiness that are carefully carved to improve detail and beauty. It is hand tufted using 100% wool. The available color are Art Deco in emerald and peach as well as Marseilles in black, blue, burgundy, ivory, navy, rose and taupe. It is sold at $199.
Bombay from India is a collection that provides captivating floral and geometric patterns that is made by a local artisan. It is to perfectly suit in any kind of room, be it the kitchen, den, sala or porch. The colors are also very updated as it is made from 100% wool imported from New Zealand. It is reinforced with strong canvas backing manual weavers. The colors available are a combination of bloody red, citrus orange, aqua blue, olive green, chocolate brown and sunny yellow. It is sold at $1, 089.

Wave from China is among the round area rugs that are from the twentieth century decorative arts that have derived inspiration from the New Wave. It taken a closer look, the drawings mirrors that of Vienne Scission from 1910, Art Deco from 1930 and Abstract Expressionism from 1950. This collection pays homage to the masters of fine arts by making it new and fresh as well as having the individualistic edgy feel. The colors available are Willow Blue, Lola Gold, Cube Ivory, Gabbeh Sand, Clouds Charcoal and Rainbow Purple, to name a few. It is sold at $519.

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