Rustic log patio furniture

Rustic log patio furniture

Rustic log patio furniture is furniture made out of pine and cedar logs. It is different from most wood patio furniture, which is made from wood boards or planks, because they have the natural shape and appearance of wood. Rustic log patio furniture is what you will find in log cabins and many country homes.

If you love the country and nature, then you may want to adopt a rustic style to you patio. Rustic log patio furniture brings the feel of the “cabin in the woods” to your own patio. Its “back-to-nature” look will fit right in with your garden.

Rustic log patio furniture comes in various colors such as red, light tan or gold and white, all of which blends naturally with most color schemes. You can stain, varnish or paint this type of furniture. However, many prefer to leave log furniture in their natural state to enjoy the wood’s grains and knots, which creates the unique look of each furniture piece.

While you can use rustic log patio furniture in either enclosed or open spaces, its durability makes it ideal for outdoor settings. Additionally, manufactures apply rot and insect resistant substances to rustic log patio furniture so they are sure to last long outdoors. They get this handsome weathered appearance overtime but if you want to preserve their original look, you can apply oil stains or water-based stains.

There is a wide selection of rustic log patio furniture available to include log dining tables and chairs, log benches, log coffee tables, end tables, Adirondack chairs, ottomans, lounges and footrests and log patio swings. They come in different sizes including children’s sizes, which your kids and their friends will surely enjoy.

You can make rustic log patio furniture more comfortable and cozy by adding blankets cabana pillows and cushions. For a complete rustic design, drape a patchwork quilt over a log armchair. Adding a few accents will enhance the look of your rustic patio.

Any piece of log furniture will add a nice rustic charm to your patio. The intrinsic beauty and quality of pine and cedar wood will appeal to any fan of wood furniture.

When buying rustic log furniture, always check for quality workmanship. With some patient researching, you may be able to find quality yet affordable log furniture. If you have to pay extra for a piece with guaranteed high quality, consider doing so. A piece of furniture may be stylish or inexpensive but if poorly crafted, then it is just going to be a waste of money.

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