Simmons Mattress

Simmons Mattress

Heard the name Simmons? Simmons is actually a name of a mattress company that has been bringing the latest in technology and innovation that have helped millions of people attain a good night’s sleep without the irritating back and joint pains. Yes, Simmons has been designing and manufacturing mattresses for long years and it is nice to know that all of their mattresses are proven to yield a great quality and style, allowing the people to enjoy the most restful night of their life.

Simmons has been on the business for more than 125 years now. It was noted that the company first introduce one of the best products on its mattress line, the queen and king size mattresses that have remained as the favorite hit in the market until these days. It is further interesting to know that the Simmons mattresses are acclaimed primarily for its overall built and style, with special features like the Pocketed Coil.

Speaking of Pocketed Coil feature, it was claimed by several reviews that almost all of the Simmons mattresses possess this special feature. The purpose behind the creation of this system is actually to provide the people the chance to enjoy one of the most advanced sleep system in the world, and it is interesting to know that such purpose was attained with the introduction of the Simmons’ Pocketed Coil in 1925.

Aside from the Pocketed Coil mattress, Simmons is also celebrated for its Beautyrest mattress. This item has actually long been considered as the world’s leading sleep system which was built to suppress motion. Just like the rest of the Simmons mattress, this product boasts an innovative pocketed coil and it was built with the special Triton foundation, making it capable of suppressing about 56 percent more movement than the previous innovations made by Simmons.

It is worth noting that in Simmons’ Beautyrest mattress, special attention to suppression motion is given believing that it is important to suppress as much as motion as possible for you to obtain a maximum benefit from your sleeping time. With the Simmons Beautyrest mattress and the rest of Simmons’ product line, it is estimated that people can lose as much as 20 percent of the benefit of their night’s rest due to turning and tossing by yourself or your partner.

All of the Simmons mattresses are designed and built with special consideration given to how great the sleep system will be. The company actually rates its sleep systems based on the so-called “Motion Separation Index (MSI)”. This system actually works to measure the level or degree to which the Simmons mattresses will suppress motion transfer between you and your partner. It is for the existence of this special system that people wanting to purchase the Simmons mattresses are highly advised to consider first the MSI and take the test to determine which of the available Simmons mattress are best for them.

Simmons mattresses can now be found and accessed online through their official site, So if you want to know more about the company and their products, I found no reason for you not to visit their site. You’ll be surprised to know how much information you can obtain about the company and its system right through that site.

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