The French Bar Stool Design

The French Bar Stool Design

French bar stools are the very best way to add that special touch of class to any bar or home, these classic stools feature curved legs with fluted tips, the finest quality seats and highly stylish seatbacks. If what you are looking for are high quality bar stools these are the stools for you.
The craftsmen from these French regions have been manufacturing such fine quality work for many generations.

Their talents have been much sought after by many companies in the world and their masterpieces decorate many of the stately homes and royal palaces in quite a few countries around the globe, the most common of which being the bar stools and designer chairs.

The design of French furniture has been dated to a few points in French history. These include during the reigns of Louis XV, Louis XVI, and Louis Philippe in the 18th and 19th centuries. The main design criteria to designing bar stools of this quality is comfort, well sanded and varnished edges style and most of all, the art work that is carved into the wood. This quality of craftsmanship still exists with many of the French bar stool manufacturers.

The style of these barstools works far better when the décor of the room is of a plain design, this includes the walls, ceiling, floors the lot. The idea behind this type of bar stool or chair design is to try and recreate that comfortable welcoming feeling of homes in the French wine region.

Having the right bar stool for the room can really set of the décor and complete the design. If you choose neutral colors, you can brighten things up with the addition French paintings or prints of your choice, but nature paintings always work best for setting a calming mood.
These styles of bar stools are quite function as they are shorter than most other bar stools; this makes them quite versatile for many locations such as medium size counters or writing desks.

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