Using Mirrors To Open Up A Home

Using Mirrors To Open Up A Home

Many people are shocked when they first begin home shopping. Homes today are built smaller with compact rooms. The trend for building as many homes as possible in any given area is resulting in tiny rooms with little character. A homeowner however can use decorative pieces such as mirrors to help open up their space. If you are interesting in adding depth or openness to your home, consider using these tips.

If you have a rectangular or square room that seems a little too boxy for you, you can use mirrors on the wall to help open it up. You can place a mirror on a wall above your sofa to start. Make sure the mirror is at least a medium sized piece. Using smaller mirrors may only make things worse. You can choose to use only one, or you can choose to use one on the wall directly across from the first mirror as well.

Narrow hallways are a big problem for a lot of homeowners. To make a hallway look wider, consider adding a mirror to the end of the hall. For an even more dramatic effect, try adding a whole wall of mirrors at the end of the hallway. Using mirrors all over the way is a great way to open up the space with ease. This is a rather inexpensive way to totally change the way your hallway looks.

Using mirrors in a small bathroom is the perfect way to brighten up the space. Use a mirror on both walls to get a great look at your total body as well. If you want to see the back of your outfit or your hair, you will be able to do so when you place mirrors strategically. You might not want to mirror an entire wall however in this room of your home because you will find yourself cleaning it much more often than if it were somewhere else in your home. Bathroom mirrors get water spots and dirt on them much more easily.

Opening up a home by strategically placing mirrors throughout the areas is a great way to add design as well as function. You will love the openness a mirror will bring. It will allow you to create spaces that look sophisticated and roomy, even when the rooms are tiny. You can find mirrors at most home décor stores. Home improvement stores and discount stores are also great places to look.

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