Vertical Blinds Can Add Life To Every Room

Vertical blinds not only add value and beauty to your room but are also an inexpensive way to decorate your rooms. Vertical blinds come in various materials and provide a good alternative to curtains or shutters.

Vertical blinds provide better light control than horizontal blinds and have also proved to be steadier than horizontal blinds. As vertical blinds can be opened sideways, these work not only for windows but also for doors. A combination of vertical blinds with sliding glass doors can do wonders to your room. Vertical blinds can be opened from either side or from the middle.

The vanes of your vertical blinds can be made either from aluminum, vinyl, wood, faux wood, or fabric. The choice of material will depend on your personal preferences. Aluminum blinds are a low-cost option and are durable and easy to maintain. Vinyl blinds are best for high-humidity locations such as kitchens or bathrooms.

If you have wooden furniture in your room then vertical wood blinds will be a good choice. Wood blinds are best suited for stable and humidity-controlled environments. Wood blinds come in both solid colors and wood tones. Due to their natural look and better insulation capabilities, wood blinds are the most expensive. Wood blinds need more care than vinyl or aluminum blinds. However, if you want the look of wood but the advantages of vinyl blinds, then you can go for faux wood vertical blinds. These wood look-alikes are made of a combination of wood and vinyl; are easy to clean and do not fade or crack.

Vertical blind made of fabric are the best option for your living room. Owing to their opacity, fabric vertical blinds do not stop light totally from entering your room. Thus, giving a wonderful effect of light and shade to your room. Fabric vertical blinds will need inserts, which provide stability for the tilting mechanism of your blinds and are also useful for sustaining the life of the fabric.

Vertical blinds may be controlled by either a cord or a safety wand. Wands have become more popular nowadays as they have the dual advantage of being more functional and durable than cords. A simple twist of the wand will rotate open or close the vanes while pulling the wand across the blind will draw the vanes back and forth.

Proper care is important for your vertical blinds. Vinyl and aluminum vertical blinds can be cleaned with a damp soft cloth, wood or fabric blinds may be feather dusted or vacuumed.

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