Welcome to our humble abode – foyer lighting

Welcome to our humble abode – foyer lighting

The foyer is the very first thing that greets the visitors of your home. Foyer lighting sets the mood of your visitors upon entering your home. This is also the place that is most frequently used. Thus, ample lighting is necessary to give a setting of a warm welcome. Choosing the correct foyer lighting doesn’t require so much expertise (and you really don’t have to strain your mind), although a few advices would prove helpful.

You also have to be selective in your foyer lighting so it would cast a soft, pleasant light. Foyers are usually too small to add in some furniture so that adding the right lighting design can help bring out character and warmth. To visually expand or soften the space of your foyer, you can situate layers of light by using several light sources.

The foyer lighting could be an overhead light, chain hung, or even a chandelier (if the foyer is large enough). Wall sconces, pendants, ceiling lights, spotlights, and luminaires may be used as well. If you have art pieces on your foyer, incandescent down lights and track lights would help highlight these art pieces along the walls. Small fluorescent fixtures can be used to illuminate coat closets while adding sconces gives a decorative touch. For more dramatic effects, occupancy sensors may be used to turn on lights the moment someone comes in. Dimmer switches and ceiling medallions can also be alternatives in addition to the foyer lights.

Extra care must be taken for the sizes and styles of your foyer lighting so it would be in proportion to the space and character of your foyer. Foyer lighting fixtures and devices are available and can easily be bought online, in department stores, or lighting shops.

Manufacturers of foyer lighting fixtures such as Artcraft lighting, Corbett lighting, ELK/Mountain Lake, Framburg, Hinkley lighting, Kichler lighting, Metropolitan, Minka Lavery, Progress lighting, Quoizel, Triarch, and Troy lighting offer a wide selection of styles. Foyer lighting prices would range from $60 for ceiling lights to $800 for chandeliers.

Depending on the style you want and what ambience you want your foyer to have, foyer lighting is as important as lighting any other part of your house. Whether you’re on a tight budget, foyer lighting gives an initial impression to your visitors. After all, you do not want your visitors to think you’re scaring them away by having a dimmed foyer.

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