What You Should Know About Fiberglass Swimming Pools

What You Should Know About Fiberglass Swimming Pools

No, not all swimming pools are alike. Some are above ground, some in ground, some created out of plaster, while others are tiled. Still others are made of various materials, including fiberglass. A fiberglass swimming pool is one of the more common designs for people interested in building a pool, as it’s surface is durable, easy to clean, and easy on the feet.

The nice thing about fiberglass swimming pool options is that they are prefabricated in a variety of shapes, sizes and depths. Installed in backyard pre-dug holes, the fiberglass form fits into the space like a glove, and you’ve got your swimming pool. Because they are sprayed with a special coating, a fiberglass swimming pool doesn’t need a liner.

Liners are expensive and wear out over time, creating a mess that can damage filtering systems as well as costing pool owners a lot of money to repair or re-paint. Usually, a large truck transports the fiberglass shell to the home or business location, which provides quick and easy installation.

Another plus to owning or choosing to purchase a fiberglass pool is a rather low maintenance factor. The special coating deters molds and algae, which cut down not only on chemical use but also cleaning time. However, there are several things to consider before purchasing a pre-made fiberglass swimming pool.

Despite the advantages of buying a fiberglass pool shell, make sure that your property will allow a truck or crane to transport the shell into your property. Before that, it is essential to make sure that all preparation work has been completed and brought up to city codes for electrical and plumbing. Once the shell arrives, it must be inserted into the hole, layered with a couple of inches of sand.

This will allow installers to insure that your shell in level before any water is added. After that, a small amount of water will be added to the pool, while at the same time, sand is filled in around the sides. This is a very complicated and precise process that may take several hours and several attempts to ensure that your pool is leveled properly.

If you’re up to that, then by all means, look for a fiberglass swimming pool to suit your needs. They are easy to maintain, never need resurfacing or an acid wash, and no seams mean no scuffed feet.

Fiberglass pools don’t rust or peel, nor does fungus grow inside like it does on plaster or lined pools. Fiberglass pools are also heat efficient, which can save you money on your electric bills. Since it’s bacteria and algae resistant, one can also save lots of time and money in the chemical department as well.

While the initial cost of a fiberglass swimming pool may seem a lot more than a plaster or lined pool, its efficiency and design will save hundreds, if not thousands of dollars over the life of that pool. Always shop around, learn the basics, and then look for just the right shape, size and depth for that swimming pool that you’ve always wanted.

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