A Look At The Different Types Of Mini Blinds For Your Home

If you are at your wits ends thinking of how to change the look of your room at a low cost then stop worrying and invest in window blinds. It is not easy to believe how blinds can change the character of your room and give your room a new dimension.

Blinds are of many types – vertical, horizontal, wood or mini. And they come in different colors and sizes. Depending on the size of your room and personal preferences you can go for either of these. So if you are buying for a room not too big you can go for mini blinds.

Mini blinds are made of different materials – vinyl, aluminum, wood, faux wood. Which one you buy will depend on your personal choice. Vinyl blinds are best for high-humidity locations such as kitchens or bathrooms. Horizontal vinyl blinds are easy to clean, unbreakable and resistant to sun bleaching. Lightweight vinyl blinds may be the least expensive but the thin slats are fragile and the mechanism can break.

Aluminum blinds are also a low-cost option and are durable and easy to maintain. While buying aluminum blinds the gauge of the aluminum is to be considered, with large gauges being better and more durable. Slats are available in gauges varying from 6 to 9. Vinyl or aluminum blinds will go well with rooms that have wrought iron furniture.

If you have wooden furniture in your room then wood blinds will be a good choice. Wood mini blinds are best suited for stable and humidity-controlled environments. Proper care will make your wood blinds last long. Wood mini blinds come in both solid colors and wood tones. The slats can be painted or exposed oak, maple or cherry to suit your furniture or wall colors. Wood blinds are, however, among the most expensive.

Faux wood mini blinds can also be an option if you don’t want to invest in the more expensive wood blinds. These wood look-alikes are made of a combination of wood and vinyl and thus have the dual advantage of being less expensive and resisting moisture. These types of blinds are easy to clean and do not fade or crack.

An important thing to consider while buying mini blinds is the slat width. The slat width may vary from ½ inch micro to 2-½ inch macro. Slats may be either horizontal or vertical. Your mini blinds may either be simple easy-to-use or remote-controlled.

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