Area Carpets

Area Carpets

You may love your hardwood floors, but not everyone can live with them all the time. Hardwoods have a special beauty, but they also come with special problems. If you have children or pets, you may find that they get scuffed easily, and pet hair can build up rather quickly. When the weather gets cold, hardwoods can be very cold on your feet, and can make playing on the floor a chilly experience for your children. If you want to cover them up a bit, but still want to see them, you can get area carpets.

The appeal of carpet is twofold. Carpet can help keep your feet warm, and it can add a certain beauty to a room. You could cover your hardwoods completely with carpeting, but this is never a good idea. Some carpet installers will staple or nail carpet directly into the hardwood, which leaves it damaged. If you cover a floor completely, chances are good that you will have to repair and completely restore the hardwoods once you take it up. Area carpets can be placed around your home without covering up or damaging your floors.

Area carpets are often used for looks as well as for function. Many people like to get area carpets that match the colors in their room to place underneath certain pieces of furniture. They may choose area carpets to go underneath their dining room set, or perhaps one that will go under their sofa and coffee table. You can also use area carpets in your bedroom. If you put one under your bed, you can wake up and place your feet on the warm carpet before venturing off across the chilly hardwoods.

You can find many different types of area carpets, and the prices vary from cheap to highly expensive. Some like a simple rug that doesn’t cost much to put in playrooms and other play areas. Others like to spend a lot of fine area carpets like Oriental rugs. You can find these area carpets in discount stores and department stores. You may also find a great selection at home stores as well. Don’t forget to look in furniture stores, and carpet and wallpapering outlets. You can find almost any color you want, and the patterns are unlimited. No matter what type of budget you have, you can find good area carpets to fill your home with a little added warmth.

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