Baby Showers – From The Man’s Point Of View

You see articles about baby showers written by women all of the time. But why not written by a man? Don’t we need to know a thing or two about baby showers too?

My wife recently hosted a baby shower for a friend, and I was clueless on how to help her. Fortunately, I was kicked out of the house before the actual baby shower began, but I was involved with helping her set it up. Baby showers begin with selecting a location and baby shower invitations. But the actual event involves a lot more planning.

Did you know that baby showers include a cake made out of diapers? Yeah, I thought that was strange too. But apparently diaper cakes are one of the important centerpieces at baby showers these days. This isn’t an edible cake—but there are plenty of deserts to be eaten. From non-diaper cakes to appetizers to baby block-looking petit fours, it seems like there’s more than enough food to go around at a baby shower.

Of course there are usually baby shower games. These games can be kind of silly, but they’re a big hit. The women talk about funny baby experiences they’ve had and bring up embarrassing things from the mother’s past. There are hundreds of web sites devoted to various baby shower games. Do a search for “baby shower games” an you’ll be amazed and some of the games people have invented.

Gifts are a big part of baby showers. And I mean BIG! It’s amazing how many gifts are showered upon the mother-to-be. Although the mom usually registers for important baby gifts like sheets and strollers, it seems that most women want to buy cute things for the baby that aren’t on the registry. Apparently buying cute clothes and stuffed animals is more interesting than buying sheets for the crib. It makes sense, but I hear that moms-to-be hate this since what they really need are the basic supplies. The mom ends up buying all of these herself.

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