Crystal Chandelier

Crystal Chandelier

Known as the classic source of lucid stones around the world, Bohemia was the native country of a young man named Adolf Schonbek. In 1870, he walked away from their family business to start his own. Not for long, he manufactured a complete set of crystal chandelier. That moment was also the height of Europe’s greatest era where almost everyone lived lavishly. It was evident in their houses where most were embellished with ornate light fixtures. It is then not a wonder that the company established was flourishing.

In London, the Queen ordered a crystal chandelier to be placed at the Buckingham Palace. As in Northern America, it found its entry to the White House. Then Francis Joseph I, emperor of Hapsburg, gave an award to Schonbek as a symbol of nobility. In the arrival of the first World War, he lost his factories first to the Nazis then second to the Communists. He managed to escape and rebuilt what was taken away from him in Montreal. Eventually, he moved to the United States where it is still the present domicile of his headquarters.

Every crystal chandelier created with a Schonbek signature reflects the lofty design epochs, from the sixteenth century down to the new millennium. One of its kind is Rivendell where it is dubbed as a “massive piece of jewelry for the home.” It has rough metalwork that is glazed with tiny gems in order to present organic shapes as well as diverse motifs from nature. It is finished with a variety of the new Jet Black color. Another interesting model that is a must have, Trilliane, is 19 inches in diameter. It is a complex composition in leafy contours but what makes it more appealing are the flowering chains.

Olde World is another crystal chandelier from Schonbek which is reminiscent of the nineteenth century. It is Strass trimmed where it also includes wall sconces. La Scala is one more product from Schonbek that will not fail to capture the eyes of each passerby. It has an array of patterns that all exhibits magnificence. It has a basket out of lucid stones that has been woven in octagon fashion. The influence of Rococo is apparent through its arms and scrolls. Its manually cut pendants in vintage forms will perfectly dazzle.

Meaning “treasure” in Italian, Tesoro is another exclusive piece that lives up to its name. It displays the richest minerals from the Earth with oval rock lucid stones that are hanging like ripe fruits from a frame that has been handcrafted. When referring to one that is vintage, Adagio evokes the past periods when graceful ladies were patrons of art and music. It has ambers and amethyst where its leaf ornaments are Florentine- inspired. The hues that are optional though, deepen its femininity. For more of their timeless items, visit

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