Customer First for Cooper Lighting

Customer First for Cooper Lighting

Cooper Lighting started in 1956 with a one-room facility with six product lines. The company’s drive then was to produce lighting fixtures which were attractive, convenient to install and easy to service.

With its commitment to innovation for better customer satisfaction, it went on to grow and become internationally known in the lighting industry. Now it caters to home, industrial, commercial and utility lighting needs. A variety of lighting product lines is available for your unique and different needs.

Cooper Lighting has actually illuminated the United Center – home of the famous Chicago Bulls, Microsoft Headquarters in Kirkland, Bill Gates’ Home in Seattle, Rolex Building in Texas, Lyndon B. Johnson Library in Texas, Lambeau Field in Green Bay, Verizon Headquarters in Dallas, Turner Field of the Atlanta Braves, Ronald Reagan Courthouse in Los Angeles, and many more. Clearly Cooper Lighting has already made a name in the lighting industry, and has a very good track record not only in the product lines they offer but to their efficient customer service.

Cooper Lighting truly values their customers. Investment on a 485,000 square foot Customer First Center in Peachtree City, Georgia, really shows their commitment to customer satisfaction. All requests for product quotation, all ordering transactions and any customer service concerns are served here.

The company boasts of their over 5,000 items in stock, to cater to fast customer shipment of orders made. Ordering system is very organized, and you can be sure that your orders are taken cared of right away. They can accommodate in one order various product lines, and with a consolidated order, your total purchasing cost will be put to a minimum.

The Customer First Center of Cooper Lighting consolidates project orders, making sure nothing is left and that every order is accounted for. Shipping errors are avoided with the system they have in place. One is assured that every order is complete when it reaches you.

Cooper Lighting has made improvements in their technical support and warranty services in terms of response time to issues and problems raised.

Truly, this unparalleled service has made Cooper Lighting a company to contend with in the lighting industry. With this drive, the company is very competitive in the world market. The Customer First Center is indeed a very nice model for an effective customer service, central warehousing and distribution facility. With high quality innovative products, coupled with excellent customer service, Cooper Lighting seems to be lighting the right track towards their success.

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