Dancing to the lights – Nightclub lighting

Dancing to the lights – Nightclub lighting

Have you ever differentiated your mood inside a cozy hotel lobby filled with yellow lights and in an office illuminated by bright white lights? Well, aside from the contrasting functions of both places, lighting greatly impacts people’s moods, emotions, working habits, and business.

And it is extremely important to choose the type of nightclub lighting because of the fickle character of nightclub goers. They always look for the next best club to party so that lighting can give your nightclub a totally varied appearance by changing color and brightness. A changeable-looking nightclub has more edge over those that appear plain and stagnant.

You can use different color gels to cover your lighting fixtures to set a different mood particularly for nighttime. Some nightclub owners use different color gels for their nightclub lighting every night of the week to give their clubs varied features and effects. Elaborate nightclub lighting designs can also help to long-term success such as assigning the appropriate schemes for particular areas in the club.

Strobe lights are one of the most popular devices and essentials for nightclub lighting as well as dance companies. You can use high placement strobe lights with steep angles and ensure that they are positioned so as not to blind the audience. Among your other choices of nightclub lighting fixtures should include canon black lights, panel HP lights, a 40-watt bulb 48” blacklight, a Chauvet handheld blacklight, shadow blacklights, UV wash ultra violet light, blacklight floodlights, lasers, and centerpiece balls. These lights come in wattages of 100 – 400. Blacklights mostly come in 400-watt bulbs.

LED lighting has greatly changed the nightclub scene and has succeeded neons in recent years. LED’s have a life span of 40,000 hours so that it is now regarded as the best color washing and mood lighting system today. Due to the long lifespan of LEDs, they are perfect for color washing bar backs that are typically hard to replace. Also, technology today has developed Led Dance Floor that is water resistant and load bearing. It can withstand impacts from bottles/glasses and their content when used with the Avr sealing system.

The following considerations may be taken into account for nightclub lighting, lighting fixtures, size of space, complexity of color scheme vis-à-vis layout, paint color selections and lighting plan. Although most owners nowadays would love to play with the types of nightclub lighting, a significant aspect of it should include federal regulations on the use of certain nightclub lights. There are specific regulations on the use of lasers. Ultra bright lasers could have ill effects on people and some could even hurt.

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