Digital Wall Clock

Digital Wall Clock


Modern atmosphere doesn’t mix and match with just any other subject. Rustic adornments like a brick fireplace just wouldn’t do justice in a colonial wood laminate home. Yes, everything can still be thrown at random but then there would be more stares and headaches than there would be conventional ohhs and ahhs. Like a brick fireplace in a wood laminate living room with a cherry rose center table. Getting the drift?

That’s why for modern interior designing, modern themed furnishing like glass dining table and wrought iron chairs makes a healthy coexistence. And be sure to take a digital clock to complete the environment, not the analog kind mind you.

Here are some flattering choices for digital wall clocks:

Cherry Finished Atomic Digital Wall Clock with Forecasting
By LaCrosse Technology
$52.95 at

Okay forget about fitting digital clocks only on modern decoration. This cherry finished digital wall clock fits any dark wood paneling with its elegant cherry wood design. One key feature is its 4-inch, large, easy-to-read time displays that is visible even a few yards away. Another feature is its forecasting features. An indoor and outdoor temperature in degrees Fahrenheit weather forecasting, as well as month and date display, makes it a comprehensive timepiece that you would be checking regularly than your weather forecasts on television. And most of all, it is an atomic digital clock.

About Atomic Digital Wall Clocks
Atomic clocks are clocks that employ advanced physics to regulate accurate time. Via radio signal transmitters, they accord with the U.S. government time to maintain an accuracy of 10-9 seconds, a precision standard that is often used for fragile scientific activities. That makes atomic digital wall clock appropriate on environments requiring rigid timekeeping like access control and world market trading rooms.

Jumbo Atomic Wall Clock with Forecasting, Humidity and Temperature
By LaCrosse Technology
$44.95 at

LaCrosse Technology has overstepped with this model. This digital wall clock incorporates several of their technologies making it a loaded timepiece. With its slick, aluminum case, it fits any modern office space.
Honeywell Jumbo Weather Clock
By Honeywell
$49.99 at

Honeywell Jumbo Weather Clock is another fine example of a digital wall clock that combines atomic time with valuable weather information. This clock model can be wall mounted or free standing but with jumbo digital display makes it visible even yards away.

Digital wall clocks have subtle benefits over analog clocks. Though mostly unnoticed, it takes a fraction of the second more to check the time with an analog clock than with a digital one. As a result, it makes an excellent clock for office spaces where habitual clock checking is norm. Another benefit would be distance where some clock hands do get less visible. The large displays of most digital wall clocks are a plus for poor sighted individuals.

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