Exterior Home Lighting Techniques

Exterior Home Lighting Techniques

While most concentrate mainly on their interior home lighting system, the outdoor or the exterior home lighting system is one that should be given concern as well. Turning your attention to your outdoors as well will give you a comprehensive home lighting system.

As with any lighting design, function and aesthetics are factors for consideration. At one end is your concern for safety and security of your home, and at the other end is your concern for enhancing the exterior look and attractiveness of the place you live in. These two main considerations can be dealt with by having a combination of lighting fixtures designed to address both concerns. This means having an efficient and effective exterior home lighting plan.

For your main walkway, exterior home lighting fixtures that are low-voltage and weatherproof should be used. Lighting here is mainly for safety and security purposes, though there are landscape lighting components that could satisfy as well the decorative aspect of your lighting design.

Spotlights on a high portion of your gate, directed downwards can add to the illumination of the area directly outside the gate or garage door. The use of wall sconces may be done, as these will give an attractive effect.

It is also nice to install lighted address numbers as this will be eye-catching and would be easy for identification and location especially during emergency situations. Post lights are beneficial for added illumination and security.

Installation of motion-controlled sensors on certain areas of your home, preferable on entrance doors or gates, would also allow for lighting when somebody approaches near that area. The specific places are mainly a matter of your choice, in consideration of all other lighting you have on that area.

Some exterior home lighting systems that are using solar technology have photocells in their circuitry that will recharge the lights on mornings with the use of sunlight, and when nighttime comes, these lights will be turned-on without the need for electricity. This is a good option if you are after energy and cost savings.

Consider also the wattage of exterior home lighting fixtures you purchase as this can affect your energy consumption. The higher the wattage, the higher your electrical bills will be. Choose the minimum wattage you need. While you place lighting fixtures to strategic places to get a particular effect, make sure that you are not overdoing it as well. When you can, use fluorescent types, as these will require less energy than halogen types and are much safer.

There is much you can do with your exterior home lighting design. Plan this to fit your particular need and purpose. Options for designing within budget are available. There is no stopping you from giving your exterior home the lighting it deserves.

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