Find Treasure In HID Under The Sea

Find Treasure In HID Under The Sea

With the latest breakthrough in underwater lighting systems, you get a better peek at amazing sunken treasures. HID lamps allow for brighter underwater illumination perfect for underwater videography and photography. If you’re looking for the ultimate diving experience, get yourself this latest lighting system, and dive with ease.

A New Diving Thrill

So you’ve tried scuba diving and snorkeling during your last trip to the Caribbean. It was fun, no doubt, but that’s all there was to it – fun. If you want a different diving experience, try diving 100 or even 500 feet deeper and explore century-old shipwrecks. Wreck diving, as it is aptly called, has become more and more popular these days thanks to the advanced technology of diving equipments.

Diving to overwhelming depths requires strong training and reliable equipment. At 500 feet below the water surface, there is no room for error. You can’t afford to have any of your equipment malfunctioning. Aside from the basic equipment, you need to have a reliable lighting system. For this, you need a High Intensity Discharge lighting system, also known as HID.

Dive With The Lights On

HID lighting is the latest and most effective underwater lighting. It produces an intense light with minimal power consumption. Unlike halogen lamps and the yellowish tinge they emit, HID lamps create a bright white illumination. The beam produced by HID lamps is almost comparable to the color temperature and intensity of sunlight. This makes it the best choice for wreck diving.

Deep sea divers need various lighting equipment. Since wreck diving is a technical dive, the diver should be equipped with a diving head light and a separate battery canister light. Cylindrical canister lights are recommended, as these are more resistant to pressure. Halogen lights were the only lighting choice of divers in the old days, literally for lack of better options. HID lighting system is now the best lighting choice of professional and recreational divers worldwide. Using the same battery size, the beams produced by conventional halogen lamps are only half as bright as the illumination of HID lamps.

Safer Diving and Better Underwater Viewing

The compact and extremely bright illumination of HID lamps makes it better for light communication between divers. The beams are easy to see, even at great distances. When diving in bigger teams, all divers should use the same lighting system. When more than half the team is using HID lamps, the dimmer and duller beams of the halogen lamps will definitely be less visible.

The amazing clarity created by the bright white light of HID lamps makes it most attractive for photography and videography. For documentation purposes of magnificent shipwrecks, you can choose from the wide array of HID video lighting systems. There are compact, focusable, and flexible HID lighting products to serve your different lighting needs.

Before you run of to buy the impressive HID lighting systems for your next diving trip, however, make sure you know what you’re looking for. Be sure to choose HID lamps in fully enclosed designs. Also, make it a point to choose a field serviceable product to avoid frustration in the future, or you may sorely regret it.

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