Fleetwood Motor Homes

Fleetwood Motor Homes

The Fleetwood Enterprises, Inc. has long been considered as one of the largest producers of motor homes and recreational vehicles in North America. The company was actually founded in 1950, but it was only in 1965 that Fleetwood introduced its initial public offering.

Since its introduction, the Fleetwood has developed a lot of remarkable motor homes and other types of recreational vehicles. They have traveled a long way since 1950 and it was the best lines of Fleetwood motor homes actually that brought the company’s name to fame.

The Fleetwood motor homes are generally classified according to types and series. To mention but two, there are some Fleetwood motor homes that are classified under the Diesel category, and the rest are classified under the Gas motor homes category. Consider what are included in each of these categories by reading the following:

Diesel Fleetwood Motor Homes

The Diesel type of Fleetwood motor homes are classified according to two classes: the Luxury Diesel and the Class A Diesel. :

* Luxury Diesel Motor Homes – This line of diesel Fleetwood motor homes is said to be the perfect unit for an enjoyable ride. It has a number of features that makes it highly notable, such as side by side refrigerator, high definition TV, heating system, home theater system, adjustable shelves, and a lot more. It is well-equipped and is capable of giving you all the luxuries of a perfect, complete home, hence the name. And, it’s nice to know that this line includes a number of models, all are noted for their wonderful features and excellent performances. These models include: the American Heritage, the American Eagle and the American Tradition.

* Class A Diesel Motor Homes – This Fleetwood motor home line is the one perfect for large families and groups. It can accommodate the entire family for an ultimate holiday getaway. As what is expected from a Class A motor home type, the Fleetwood motor home models included in this category are capable of providing the comforts and convenience of an ideal home. They offer everything that the passengers need, and they are easy to maneuver. The Fleetwood motor home models included here are the Revolution LE, Excursion, Providence, Expedition, Bounder Diesel and Discovery.

Gas Motor Homes

Just like the Diesel line, the Gas motor homes of Fleetwood are divided into two main types: Class A Gas and Class C Gas.

* Class A Gas Motor Homes – The Fleetwood motor home models included in this line all presents a number of the same features provided by the Class A Diesel. The only difference lies on the fact that all of the motor homes available in this line are propelled by gas, so it’s no wonder that they all feature a gas engine. This line also comes in different models: Pace Arrow, Southwind, Bounder, Flair, Storm, Terra and Fiesta.

* Class C Gas Motor Homes – These are by far built for one particular purpose – to provide families the chance of experiencing a highly comfortable vacation with enough space and amenities. All of the models, like the Tioga and Jamboree series, provide additional space with their sleeping bunk that is built atop a cab. This feature is what particularly distinguishes the Class C gas from the Class A gas line. But, generally, all the comforts and conveniences that the Class A gas provides are also available at the Class C gas line of Fleetwood motor homes.

Now, if you want to know more about these Fleetwood motor home models, then try to visit their site at FleetwoodRV.com. That’s simply it!

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