How To Choose Used Tanning Beds

How To Choose Used Tanning Beds

Do you want the tan from your vacation or holiday to last all year round? Do you love to tan, but can’t fit it into your schedule? You may have considered purchasing tan equipment for home, but then you saw the price. Used tanning beds are a good alternative to the high prices of brand new beds, if you know what to look for. You can get a high quality bed at the price of a much cheaper bed when you buy used.

There are several things to consider before purchasing home tanning equipment. The first is the design of the machine. You have two basic choices here: horizontal beds or tan booths. Many home units are standing units because they require less space. It’s easier to fit one of these into a smaller space.

Lamps in Used Tanning Beds

The lamps in the bed are an important consideration. There are basically two kinds of beds: conventional and high pressure. High pressure beds are generally for commercial use and are often found in salons. The lamps are located only in the top of these beds, so you tan on one side and then turn over to tan the other side of your body and face.

The lamps are called high pressure because the pressure of the gas inside is higher than the pressure in the atmosphere. This design results in faster tanning and less time needed in the bed to maintain your tan. Some high pressure beds require half the sessions of a conventional model. You can have that summer tan all year with less exposure to UV radiation.

Lamps in conventional beds use either UVA only or a combination of UVA and UVB rays. There is some controversy over which is better. UVB rays are the burning rays of the sun. For this reason, some feel UVA only lamps are better. However, UVA rays reach farther into the skin and are responsible for long term skin damage, including skin cancer. It’s important to know what kind of lamps are in your bed, as you will need to replace them.

Check the availability and cost of replacement lamps. Look at the lifespan of the bulbs. Also, look at the construction of the beds. How easy will it be to change the bulbs yourself? It can get expensive and inconvenient if you can’t do the job on your own. Consider how easy it will be to perform other maintenance tasks, such as cleaning and changing the acrylics.

Questions to Ask About Used Tanning Beds

o How old is the bed? oWhat year was it manufactured?

o Does it meet all current FDA regulations? These change often, so make sure the bed you are looking at meets current safety regulations. This is very important for your health. The regulations are in place to help prevent skin cancer and other long term damage to your skin.

o How much was the bed used? If the bed was purchased for home use, but has barely been used, it is probably a good deal.

o Is the bed in good working order? You want to make sure the bed is working well to avoid being stuck with expensive repair bills.

o Is there any time left on the warranty?

o Why are you selling the bed?

o Check the price to see the difference between the used and new bed. The greater the difference, the better the deal.

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