Interior Design Trade Show

Interior Design Trade Show

On to its 29th year in the business, Decorex International is an interior design trade show where it is a meeting of all professionals working in the improvement of residential and commercial industries. The event aims to be a one- stop source in scouting for the latest patterns fitting for every structure in all corners of the globe. It also features an interactive forum given by individuals who have excelled in their respective fields.

Part of Decorex International is a highlight of some of the best merchandise for hotels. The interior design trade show also added the part of Antiques and Audacity which emphasize 40 chief dealers of traditional and modern art. If you have the chance to roam around the venue of the affair, all that will be presented will surely mesmerize you. The coordinators actually handpick the exhibitors so guests are assured that only of top quality will be shown.

At the interior design trade show of Decorex International, there are about 250 of the finest distributors and manufacturers of textiles, fixtures, trimmings, linens, curtains, fabrics and accessories. All of those materials mentioned can be availed under one roof. Guests will not experience the hassle of transferring from one place to another just scouting for items that will match their abodes.

There are a whole lot of reasons why it is a must to go to the interior design trade show of Decorex International. First and foremost, it is influential. Over the years, the association has gained global status for being excellent in their areas of profession. However, the reputation did not just appear like magic, it was established for more than a quarter of a century. Another facet the event takes pride is that they have been feeding information where it has been substantially formed in the minds of the participants.

Decorex International actually holds a conference where there are several lectures and seminars that provide practical illustrations on techniques and topics. The speakers include the likes of OECO Principal of Design Suzanne De Vall, idFX Magazine Editor in Chief Garry Mason, International Furniture Designer Vladimir Kagan, Fine Cell Work Director Katy Emck, GS Magazine Editor Stirling Johnstone and Light IQ Design Director Rebecca Weir, among the others.

In the 2005 event, it paved the way for names such as Christopher Wray, Leisure Plan, George Smith, Alma Home and Andrew Martin, among the others, to launch their novel ranges to the public. There was a total of 10, 805 professionals who registered and 15, 343 visitors who signed. As a matter of fact, a lot of the participating companies had to call for more of their staff in order to accommodate the influx.

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