Lace Curtains

<H3>Lace Curtains</H3>

Lace curtains can be a wonderful addition to any home, making a window look elegant and fancy. The origin of lace curtains can go back hundreds of years. Hand woven lace had its origin in the Middle Ages, but for windows, the origin is much sooner. The mechanical loom first introduced the idea of lace curtains to the world. In 1804, the Frenchman Jacquard invented the mechanical loom.

This is a weaving machine that can be programmed to create intricate patterns. Soon came the Nottingham Loom, which was a variation of the Jacquard, and this was used mainly to create lace curtains. In the middle of the 19th century, these looms became popular and widespread in the city of Nottingham.

Lace curtains can make any type of window look elegant and beautiful. Since lace curtains are so intricately designed, the look will be subtle, yet amazing, and will not distract from the beauty of the rest of the room as a heavy, cotton curtain might. Lace curtains will allow sunlight to flow into a room in a softer manner than a different type of curtain. Different types of curtains will allow for more privacy and less light, depending on the density of the weave and the more material that is used.

When hanging a lace curtain, the preferred method is using tension rods. You may use a single paneled lace curtain for a narrow window, while two panels will probably be needed for a wider, more standard window. With lace curtains, you can achieve a beautiful look by either letting the curtains hang down, or by pulling them back. Adding a lace valence to the window will also enhance the look of your window coverings, and more often than not, complete it.

You may also use lace curtains together with more traditional types of curtains. This idea works well for windows in a more formal setting, or when less light and more privacy is needed. Since lace curtains typically come in colors such as white, off-white and beige, determining the color needed will depend on the window frame and the room. Matching samples to your windows before you settle on a color is a good idea to determine what will look the best.

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