Landscape Learnin’

Landscape Learnin’

Landscaping training schools are designed to prepare the students for a career in construction and design in landscaping. For those who want to design a botanical garden and other embellished pathways, a landscape training school would serve that purpose.

What are the best landscaping design schools? Here are some of the most outstanding institutes and reasons why one should enroll there.

1. Fleur De Lis Institute

Located in Arizona, the Fleur De Lis Institute offers two programs: A “Landscape Design and Management Degree” and a “Landscape Design and Management Certificate”. Attending this school prepares a student for careers such as landscape designer/consultant, patio contractor, groundskeeper, interior plant designer, arborist and even environmental specialist!

2. Institute of Garden Design

The name says it all…this school is all about garden design. Anyone who has a desire to study gardens and loves plants, this school is perfect. It offers an extensive syllabus, landscape design software at no cost to you and all the manuals that a future landscape designer should need.

3. Unity College

One of the most famous landscaping training schools located in Maine, Unity College offers “Environmental Landscaping”. This course enables the student to learn all the principles involved in planting and skills to harmonize the plants and animals. It is a “nature meets culture” course that is highly recommended for everyone.

4. Penn Foster Career School

Create a paradise out of a patch of earth – learn this and more from Penn Foster Career School. A student can be a certified landscaper just by taking the “distance learning” courses offered by this school.

5. Stratford Career Institute

This “distance learning” school offers a course in gardening and landscape design. By completing the correspondence courses, the student will know all about garden design and garden maintaince principles effectively.

6. ICS Canada

Another of those online schools, ICS Canada offers “Gardening and Landscaping”. The good thing about this school is it grants the student a chance to learn how to start his own landscaping business!

Choosing the best landscaping training school involves a lot of factors. It must have a comprehensive syllabus, hands-on training and must cover everything – from soil details to how to use shrubs for landscaping!

Gardening is a wonderful thing, and it is nice to know that a lot of people go beyond ‘just doing it’ and study landscaping. While landscaping can be taught through books, nothing beats a good ‘hands-on’ education. Nothing beats a great landscaping training school.

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