Lathem Time Clock

Lathem Time Clock

Every business aspires for mind space, or there’s no point for advertisement. Myriads of business have come and go, conquering shelf space and ad space but only a few have conquered any mind space. We have Miller, Johnny Walker, Microsoft and Mac. Those mind spaces we know we can count on all our digits without even running short. That’s how elusive mind space has become.

For clocks, Lathem have conquered mind space. Since 1919, Lathem has been keeping the world on time. A modest business at the start of the 19th century, Lathem was selling time clocks for small businesses that require a sort of cohesion in terms of employee time keeping. The Lathem time clocks have warm reception, especially on industrial factories that employ several hundreds of workers on an on/off basis.

It was over the succeeding years when Lathem flourished in a network of independent retailers that broaden their reach. This time the Lathem time clocks became mind space, and time clocks became synonymous to Lathem.

Lathem truly manufactures superior products. While mostly known for mechanical timekeeping devices, Lathem has kept pace with automated systems. Featured products are the PayClock® EZ, an automated time and attendance system and the TouchStation™ a biometric time and attendance system. Both systems are fully automated and feature packed. Like salary inquiries can be made through these automated Lathem time clock terminals after any successful identification process. Another feature is its customizability. The option to regulate unauthorized overtime, excessive breaks and even messaging can be done. But the best feature of all is that it does the entire payroll accounting independently: computing accumulated working hours and multiplying it to the basic wage, summarizing everything including deductions and bonuses. Its integration to the Windows platform only heightened its efficiency in data management and makes porting data over windows application like excel a breeze.

The TouchStation™ is Lathem time clocks latest dabble in biometrics. Biometric is a new standard in security measures: the TouchStation™ is a fingerprint access. There is no need of access cards, buddy punching is eliminated and time tracking is boosted to higher efficiency level. And that is to say that the TouchStation™ also carries the features that made Lathem time clocks a mind space.

A longstanding mainstay in their repertoire, the PayClock® has spawned several variations over the years. The PayClock® now has four variations of the design, with each sporting different sets of features that can be beneficial to a specific work condition.

Aside from time clocks, Lathem also offers several business management products. Like the employer software plans and people file, mechanical and electrical recorders, time stamps, signal devices, master controls and of course, wall clocks.

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