Leading Edge Ceiling Fans: Robust and Powerful

Leading Edge Ceiling Fans: Robust and Powerful

Do you like to have a powerful and a robust ceiling fan for your most demanding needs? Make way for Leading Edge ceiling fans! These ceiling fans will come as strong and as powerful as they get. If you are looking for such types of fans, you may have just found the right name for your ceiling fan needs.

Their product lines come in 3 categories: a.) Heavy-duty commercial, b.) Heavy-duty/Hi-performance, and c.) Specialty Leading Edge ceiling fans.

Heavy-duty commercial Leading Edge Ceiling Fans

Model 36201 – 36” Commercial Fans: These models are fit for smaller areas and are well suited for isolated areas.
Model 48201 – 48” Commercial Fans: These are ideal in commercial settings as retail stores, offices, restaurants and the like.
Model 56001LC – 56” Commercial Fans: These ceiling fans are ideal for big and spacious areas that have low ceiling heights.

Heavy-duty/Hi-performance Leading Edge Ceiling Fans

Models 56001/56011/56002/56007 – 56” Industrial Fans: These models are ideal for general applications that require powerful and heavy-duty motor that can cater to heights reaching 45 feet.
Models 60001/30011 – 60”Fans: These models are Leading Edge’s pride when talking about the most powerful ceiling fan. Their well-engineered design produces a high RPM efficiency.
Model 56301RDP – 56”Fans: These models are able to give the same air flow volume whether in forward or reverse rotation. Their patented dual pitch blade accounts for this feature. These are ideal for industrial settings where condensation removal and reverse de-stratification are needed.

Specialty Leading Edge Ceiling Fans

Model 56101 – 56” Harsh Environment Ceiling Fans: Designed and manufactured for wet factory areas, food processing plants, poultry houses, outdoor restaurants & shipping areas, and many more. These are also applicable for low ceiling areas. These have 3-speed pull chain, and come with a 3-year warranty.

You can visit their website at www.leadingedgeinc.com and know more about the products they offer. Also, by going to www.marleymeh.com and clicking on the ‘ventilation’ tab, and then clicking on ‘ceiling fans’ category, you will also be able to read about the same products. You can also visit www.h-mac.com or its online store at store.h-mac.com, and click on the ‘fans’ category, then finally clicking on ‘Leading Edge Commercial Ceiling Fans’.

At the store.h-mac.com online store, you will be able to view a lot more of the details of these Leading Edge ceiling fans. They also have available accessories for these fans, and they offer a warranty. You can browse at their website and see the current offers they have for these powerful and heavy-duty ceiling fans.

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