LED Strip Lighting

The power and strength of LED strip lighting emanates from LED lighting lamps whose revolutionary approach to illumination will soon change the entire lighting industry. LED lighting lamps utilize semiconductors and diodes to produce low voltage lighting with minimal heat. LED lighting lamps consume far less energy than any other form of light bulb, and with reduced heat they offer little, if any, fire hazard and no damage to their immediate environment. Phantom’s LED lighting lamp technology offers the best and most technologically sophisticated value for task and aesthetic lighting needs of both residential and commercial clients.

Phantom strip lighting employs LED lamps that operate for up to 50,000 hours and produce ZERO UV rays. Patrons of the art find LED lighting lamps the optimal solution to the problematics of heat and UV radiation that can damage oils and canvases. They especially appreciate the added value of longer burn time, as LED’s do not have filaments that emit heat. LED lighting lamps feature an on board heat sink to dissipate heat and extend lamp life. LED technology offers backward compatibility benefits as well. LED’s can be used as replacement lamps for any lighting strip operating at 12V. Their miniature size and high output diodes benefit users with maximized effects and reliable performance. Virtually maintenance free and requiring only rare replacement, they continue to rise to preeminence as the favored lighting technology of designers, manufacturers, and contractors.

Phantom Lighting uses the finest light emitting diodes on the market with tight lumen output and color binning that produces up to five times the output of typical festoon lamps. LED lighting lamps are available in four color temperatures: 2950K, 3500K, 5000K, and 6500K, each with specialized application to task, functional, aesthetic, and commercial lighting needs. 2950K LED lighting lamps produce levels of brightness comparable to 7-watt incandescent festoon lamps up to 42 lumens. Our 6500K LED lighting lamps produce up to 50 lumens and produce a level of brightness and clarity that commercial and retail establishments find equal, if not superior, to more costly halogen and fluorescent light sources. Phantom strip lighting clients range from commercial entities such as jewelry storeowners, industrial manufacturing facilities, fine art galleries, on to residential arenas such as private art collections, bookshelf and fine furniture lighting, and task lighting for work areas and kitchens.

If technology continues to evolve at its current pace, LED lighting lamps may soon replace all other forms of lighting. As energy prices continue to fluctuate problematically, the cost effectiveness of low-voltage lighting is readily apparent as an energy saver. Furthermore, as environmental awareness mounts worldwide, gasless lighting offers a “green” alternative to toxic gases used in older technologies. Reduced risk of fire hazard, lower maintenance costs, and longer burn time per unit offer added value to LED lamp lighting-all of which translates into reduced overhead and superior illumination throughout both industrial and commercial markets.

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