Lighting Every Minute of Bath – Bath lighting

Lighting Every Minute of Bath – Bath lighting

Just as your bathroom needs to be the cleanest place in your house, it deserves the appropriate bath lighting as well. Perhaps most of us have noticed how uneasy it is for our eyes to have a glaring bath light especially when we just got up from bed at nighttime. Our retinas adjust, but not instantly, to the amount of light in the surroundings and coming in from a dimmed bedroom to a suddenly bright bathroom isn’t really pleasant. On the other hand, having decorative bath lighting fixtures also add up to your mood, as well as contending with functionality.

Manufacturers like Broan, Lutron, Nutone, Seagull lighting, Halo, Progress lighting, RAB, Lightlolier, and Kichler offer a wide variety of bath lighting that conforms to the style of your bathroom and your budget. Mirror lights can be attached to add a decorative effect. Also in the line of bath lighting are globe lights, recessed lights, and strip lights. Dimmers can likewise be added to create versatility.

Wall sconces, bath bars, vanity lights and pendants are popular for bath lighting due to their sizes. Wall sconces come in different styles and materials that determine the lighting effect they produce. Given for instance is an incandescent bulb enclosed in a glass or fabric sconce typically produces a diffused light – great for lighting any room. Metal sconces are designed to keep light from escaping except only in holes which can create a dramatic effect. Sconces that use halogen or xenon bulbs produce clean, white light which makes them ideal for applying make-up, for example.

When choosing for bath lighting, you can always play in some styles according to your desired effect. You can mix modern and austere fixtures for a stunning, open bathroom layout. Combining high-hats, daylight (through a roof opening), and warm over-the-sink fixtures can create a rain down of light in your bathroom. A chandelier on your bath ceiling could also create a romantic bath lighting effect. Chrome fixtures could also do justice to a modern design on your bath lighting.

For a cool, efficient, and elegant effect, you can use ceiling lights and fluorescent lights to frame a mirror – they are natural companions. Two small ceiling fixtures that pour down much defined pools of light can give a striking effect on your bath.

Just as how you want to play around with a style that suits you, bath lighting is equally important that deserve full detail. After all, bath time should be fun time.

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