Love And Your Linen Closet

With the popularity of gift registries, couples today may find it even easier to collect what they need to start their new lives. According to, over $19 billion is spent annually through wedding gift registries.

With linens as a top registry category, that can add up to a lot of sheets and towels. According to the experts at ClosetMaid, the average couple needs:

• Two sheet sets for seasonal changes and one basic white set for each bedroom

• Eight pillows (two for her, two for him and four for guests)

• Two comforters per bed (one for warmer and one for colder weather)

• One throw blanket per bed and an extra one for cozy fireplace cuddling

• Four bath towels, four hand towels and four washcloths per bathroom.

It’s also a good idea to ask for a storage system to organize all those linens.

“Your linen closet doesn’t have to be a haphazard mess of towels and blankets,” observes Susan Follick of ClosetMaid. “With the appropriate storage system, your linen closet can promote a calm sense of order and organization.”

Follick recommends ClosetMaid MasterSuite® as an elegant solution. Available in a variety of finishes including Clean White and new Antique White, it’s a custom-designed line of laminate storage systems that meet individual needs through the company’s authorized installing dealers.

“Varied shelf heights allow you to maintain the good practice of loosely folding and stacking towels to preserve their fluffiness,” says Follick. “You need about 10 inches between shelves for sheets and 15 inches for towels. Multiple shelves can accommodate small stacks, making them less likely to fall over, and allow you to keep everyday items like bath towels at eye level.”

For the do-it-yourself bride and homeowner, there’s a special linen line of ventilated wire shelving. Their all-purpose linen shelving helps air to circulate and is available in both 12″ and 16″ shelf depths.

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