Make a splash with your shower curtains.

Make a splash with your shower curtains.

It is difficult to find bathrooms without shower curtains. Shower curtains are very functional and help to keep your bathroom dry and clean at all times. Different synthetic and natural materials determine the different types of shower curtains. Polyester and vinyl shower curtains are inexpensive and absolutely water proof, but may not match luxurious décor. Shower curtains made of cotton and linen look lush and elegant, but they mildew if too damp. These materials are not very functional as they will require drying periodically and often.

Many people prefer to combine a vinyl liner with an outer fabric curtain of cotton or linen to blend attractiveness with utility. Vinyl shower curtains come in a myriad of patterns and colors. The background can be clear or opaque. Vinyl and polyester curtains and liners are efficient at keeping water inside the tub instead of splashing on the ground. They are reasonably inexpensive and thus can be replaced once they become misty with soap scum or mildew. Some kinds are even meant to be disposable. For a consumer who is waste conscious this is not a good option.

To clean your shower curtains spray them with bleach or wash them with laundry soap to restore lustre and extend their life. Fabric shower curtains are permanent additions to the function and décor of a bathroom. Some textiles have been treated with stain resistors and waterproof coatings.

Unique Shower Curtains

Hemp shower curtains are unique shower curtains. They offer the longevity and effectiveness of vinyl and polyester shower curtains and the look of the cotton and linen ones. The heavy fabric is made from plant fiber like linen or cotton. However, hemp is naturally antibacterial and anti fungal. For the environmentally conscious people hemp grows organically and gets colored with natural dyes. These shower curtains remain durable after many wash and dry cycles and don’t require the use of a plastic liner.

Designer and Christmas shower curtains.

You can get a designer version of things as mundane as safety pins so a shower curtain cannot be far off. These days interior designers design fabrics for curtains of all types. Shower curtains are also designed by interior decorators. These are more expensive than the normal ones that you can get from the market. Whether you have the American patriotic look, the beach party look, the flower patch look, or any other décor, a designer curtain can be made to fit the look of your bathroom. There are sites on the net which will do up the curtains or you can also contact a designer you know or have heard of in your city to design an amazing looking curtain for your bathroom.

In the festive Christmas season when every thing is new and decorated your bathroom also needs a Christmas shower curtain. You can get shower curtains with designs that truly celebrate the spirit of Christmas. The prints can be of Christmas trees, bells, snowmen, Santa Claus, sleigh bells and many more. These curtains can also be chosen and given as a gift to someone, or if you really want to give your other half a surprise then just do up the bathroom by putting up these curtains, there will be no more surprising way to wish a merry Christmas morning than this.

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