Make Your Home Your Dream Home With Simple Improvements Like Covered Patios

Make Your Home Your Dream Home With Simple Improvements Like Covered Patios

When I was in the market for a new home a few years ago I was lucky and found just the one I was looking for, except that it had a small kitchen that seemed out of place in what was a nice, large house. It also did not have a covered patio in the backyard, and it was missing a few other amenities. I bought the house but knew it needed some changes and additions, and that I wasn’t going to be happy with it until I had truly made it mine. Does that sound familiar?

A lot of people live in homes that are nice, but could be that much nicer with just a little work. And how often have you seen a house that looked impressive from the front, but in the back there was… nothing? That’s too bad, as a nicely designed deck can make a huge difference. I first realized this when I saw incredibly innovative decks and terraces in beach homes on North Carolina’s Outer Banks. When I got home I did some sketches and had a reputable builder do a great deck in my own backyard. A deck not only adds to the visual impact of a home, it also extends the living space. And the sky’s the limit when it comes to designing and building great decks.

There are other ways to extend living space. For example, I fixed my small kitchen problem by having a contractor take out a wall and add a sunroom. It didn’t cost very much, but totally transformed not only the kitchen but also my entire house. The kitchen became much larger and brighter, and we use the sunroom as a breakfast nook or just for sitting there and enjoying our yard in an open but nicely sheltered environment. It was money very well spent.

Pergolas are freestanding garden or attached structures that may link buildings or just define an outdoor space. Pergolas can turn an ordinary yard into an interesting landscape that provides shade, a place to sit and enjoy the outdoors, or a place to grow plants and vines. I had mine built over a hot tub, making it a wonderful place to relax and enjoy the hot water and a cool breeze.

Covered patios are almost like a covered outdoor room. They provide shade and protection from rain, but do not take away from the outdoor experience. A good contractor can help you design a covered patio that fits your budget and complements your home.

The bottom line is that home improvement doesn’t stop at exterior painting, replacement windows, or creating a new look with, for example the rugged and attractive Hardie plank siding I’ve had my eyes on for a while. Such projects need to be done, of course, but while you’re at it, take the opportunity to make your dreams come true. Rip out that wall and put in a sunroom. Take a good, long look at your yard and add a multi-level deck or a covered patio. You’ll be much happier with your home, and you’ll increase its value. It’s truly a win-win situation.

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