Making Small Bathrooms Seem Larger

Making Small Bathrooms Seem Larger

When people think about rooms they want to remodel, often the bathroom is last on the list. We use our bathrooms all the time, of course, and so this is a little strange that it often gets left out of the make-over plan. One reason for this may be that bathrooms tend to be smaller than other rooms, and so even though they get used and even abused more than other rooms, they often get left behind.

Even though bathrooms are smaller than other rooms, there are still countless things you can do with them. In fact, because there are so many different elements involved in even the smallest of bathrooms, they are often one of the most interesting (and most challenging) rooms you could choose to redecorate. If you have the challenge of a small bathroom, one of the first things you’re probably going to want to do is make it seem larger.

Because we do spend so much time in our bathrooms, the quality of this space can affect how we view the quality of our homes overall. A nice, clean, large bathroom can improve the quality of your life. The problem, of course, is that some of us don’t have nice, large bathrooms to play with. Not to worry. Below are some tips for making any bathroom seem larger.

As was mentioned earlier, even a tiny bathroom has loads of things to play with, redecorate, move around, or simply get rid of. There are vanities and tubs and showers and lighting and tile and mirrors and sinks and storage spaces and on and on and on. There are also a multitude of accessories that can be found in any bathroom, even accessories that you may not even consider as an accessory, things such as bathrobes hanging on the back of a door, towels hanging on towel racks, and even little washcloths. All of these things are “exposed,” if you will, and so whether you want them to or not, they go into making up the overall design of your bathroom. The good news is that once you start thinking of them in this way, they give you more elements to play with in your design.

Although older homes have lots of character and lots of advantages, one of the biggest curses of an older home is usually, of course, a small bathroom. If you don’t have the time or finances to rip out walls and simply make the place bigger, there’s still hope. Even a little bit of color can help change the perception of a bathroom’s size.

One general rule about color and size perception is to stay away from very bold colors and very dark colors. A very bold or dark color is going to make any room seem smaller that it is.

However, a few splashes of color in a room that is overall light and soft can go a long way in brightening it up. Therefore, in general, a good idea for a small bathroom is to use neutral colors for the walls, and then liven it up with carefully chosen bright accessories – a nice, flashy shower curtain, or a few bold, bright towels. A relatively light-colored floor is also usually a good idea if you’re looking to enlarge the feel of your room.

Another thing to always consider, especially for a small room, and even moreso for a bathroom, is lighting. Because bathrooms are built for privacy, this often translates into rooms with few windows and little natural light. There are exceptions, of course, but it usually takes a lot of forethought to get the proper balance between natural light and privacy, and unless you’re living in a modern, extremely well-designed home, you’re probably going to find that your bathroom doesn’t live up to that idea. Fortuanetly, of course, you can simply add more lighting to your room by putting in extra fixture. Some could increase the lighting in their bathrooms dramatically by making sure they’re using the highest watt bulb possible. That seems like a no-brainer, but many simply don’t think about it.

Another element of your bathroom that can cause smaller spaces to seem even smaller is the size of your fixtures. Of course we want comfort, but if your toilet and your vanity are
hulking pieces that dominate the room, then you’re going to feel cramped every time you go in there. Some changes, while they may seem major, are not that big of a deal once you commit to them. One idea is to change out a large, cabinet style vanity for a pedestal sink. A pedestal sink will immediately slim down the whole sink area, and as a result, open up the whole room.

Of course, if you switch to a pedestal sink, you will need to then find extra storage space
somewhere else, but there’s a good solution to that too – metal racks. Metal racks make great storage areas, and they have the advantage of feeling open, airy, and light. In addition, because the materials stored on them are open to public viewing, you can use their colors and shapes to add character to the room.

The last tip for making a small bathroom seem smaller is an old one – mirrors. Mirror have been used in this way for as long as they’ve been around, and they will always be used in this way for one simple reason – they work. Use more mirrors in your bathroom. You don’t have to limit yourself the one, simple mirror above the sink. Get creative. Use them as decoration. Use them in places that you won’t even be able to see yourself in. Once you’ve added a few mirrors around the room, every other element will be able to reflect it’s uniqueness over and over again.

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