6 eggs.
3/4 cup honey.
1 1/2 cups cream of wheat (rice flour or fantastic semolina can in addition be used).
7 cups milk.
1 Tbs lemon juice.
3 Tbs butter.
1 1/2 extra pounds bread sheets (phyllo).
Vegetable or butter spray.

1 1/2 cups honey.
1 cup water.
1 Tbs lemon juice.


Beat the eggs with the sugar up till thick. Consist of milk, cream of wheat,.
as well as taste. Prepare over minimized heat till mix expands blending.
continuously. Do away with from cozy; consist of 3 Tbs butter.

Layer 9x12x2 food preparation fry pan with cooking/butter spray in addition to ordinary 2/3 of.
bread sheets, sprinkling each with butter spray. The sides of the.
bread sheets have to show up over the top of the fry pan. Spread milk.
mix over bread sheets along with kip down the sides of the phyllo over.
the mix. Cover with the remaining to be bread sheets, spraying.
between each sheet. Spray top. Penetrate the first 3 bread.
sheets in 3 inch squares in addition to spray with water. Bake in a moderate.
range for 45 minutes. Allow to cool off.

Steam the sugar, water as well as lemon juice for 5 minutes. Place cozy.
syrup over ghalatoboureko. Might be used relaxing or wonderful.

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