Modern Technology Now Available To Help Cut Swimming Pool Deaths By Drowning

Whether you swim to relax or keep fit it is recognized that swimming is an important skill to have. This article looks at how modern technology is making our swimming pools, sports and leisure centers safer places.

Picture the scene, you are with friends at the local swimming baths when one of your friends slips when attempting to dive into the pool and bangs their head. Help is likely to be available in the form of a lifeguard but the fact is despite swimming pools generally being safe, regulated environments, there are still about 15 deaths by drowning in swimming pools each year.

When you realize that in Great Britain each year there are about 350 million visits to public swimming pools as well as visits to pools at leisure clubs, gyms, hotel, holiday parks and at home it is safe to say most swimming pools are a safe environment. However, 15 deaths by drowning is 15 deaths too many so if anything can be done to reduce this figure whilst also providing improved health and safety practices to pools and leisure centers then surely they would take it. Well the good news for swimming pools, hotels and other leisure facility providers is that modern two way radio can now be used to improve their health and safety.

The Government has recognized that it is essential that children learn about the principles and skills of water safety and survival, which is why swimming is a compulsory component of the PE curriculum in primary schools. By the age of 11 all children must be able to safely swim a minimum of 25 meters.

So with more children swimming at an early age and with the London Olympic Games in 2012 no doubt likely to fuel further interest in sport, leisure and keep fit, there is every chance more and more leisure centers and swimming pools will be required. It is therefore vital that swimming pools have procedures and fail safe communication systems in place for members of staff to stay in touch and communicate an accidents or incidents that may happen.

One such system is the new waterproof two way radio systems. Being waterproof of course is ideal for use by lifeguards and swimming assistants. The good news for leisure centers is that they can take advantage of these waterproof 2 way radios pool side and also have other types of radio communication system like the Kenwood TK3201 will is an ideal safety and communication system for all types of business.

Traditionally, Two Way Radio has been used as a safety and communication tool in businesses including factories, schools and retail outlets where their staff need to stay in touch over a wide area whilst also having no call charges. And with the new waterproof 2 way radios, swimming pools and sports centers can make sure their staff stay in touch and can immediately report accidents and other incidents. Not only will this increase their safety and performance but it will also ensure that if an incident does happen in their pool they can report it immediately and steps can be taken to ensure serious incidents and possible fatalities can be prevented.

With so many people and children in particular using swimming pools, leisure and sports centre managers and owners now have the option to make their facilities as safe as possible with two way radios like the Kenwood TK3201 Radio which are available from companies like Apex Radio Systems Ltd. As business owners there is nothing as important as the safety of our staff and customers so modern technology is now available that can make your business safe and not sorry.

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