Outdoor Weather Resistant Wicker For Patio & Deck

Wicker is a timless and inviting material that has been used for seating and furniture for over 100 years. Think of a large covered porch on your grandmother’s Victorian house filled with wicker rockers and chairs with overstuffed pillows. I spent many a lazy hot summer afternoon seeking relief from the heat in just a spot. Water and sun are two of wickers worst enemies which meant that wicker furniture was relegated to under cover use only. But, those days are gone forever.

Now look around and you can see wicker furniture on open patios, porches and deck, out in all types of weather. As you can’t help but notice the look of outdoor wicker, or synthetic wicker is becoming so good it’s hard to tell the difference between it and the real thing. These synthetics mimic wicker texture and finishes extremely well.

High end synthetic wicker furniture is actually woven over a frame, just like real wicker furniture. For outdoor wicker furniture the “wicker” is manufactured from a poly-propylene weather resistant material which is then woven over a durable aluminum framework. These wicker furniture pieces are finished off with weather resistant pillows. Sunbrella is a very popular weather resistant fabric which also resists stains and mildew.

Using weather resistant wicker furniture on your patio, deck or porch gives you limitless design ideas. How about the type of wicker furniture my grandmother had, what I call the barrel style chairs. Not the most comfortable, but very reminiscent of another time.

Perhaps you want something more South Beach, cushy and rich looking with large rounded arms and pillows bottom and back to sink down and relax in. Maybe you’re a modern type. For you there are wicker patio sets with very straight lines both in the furniture form and the pillow sets. Perhaps you want to make yourself an oasis where you can remember your time in the Caribbean. Many styles of outdoor wicker furniture can be paired with bright flora pillows to evoke an island style.

When looking for outdoor wicker furniture check the manufacturers warranty. Most have up to a 3 year warranty. You may also want to look into PVC covers or some type of protection for your outdoor wicker furniture during extremes of winter weather.

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