Owning a Bit of History – antique lighting

Owning a Bit of History – antique lighting

You ever noticed how light could affect your mood at certain times? What’s more in owning a lighting set that is older than your grandfather? That’s right. It is possible to include a little bit of the renaissance or rococo in your contemporary home by using antique lighting. It should place your imagination into that era of castles, knights-in-shining-armors, floors heavy laden with carpets, and walls draped in the most elegant curtains.

Not only that. Having antique lighting as a centerpiece to your mantle can have more than the purpose of a light source. Antique lighting can attract visitors and be a focus of conversation, an element of stature. Aside from that, you’re sure to have a lighting piece that has withstood the test of time – talk about durability.

But what is considered “antique”? Normally, the age of an item is what considers it as antique. However, in reality anything that’s no longer available in the market or that can only be found in garage sales, second-hand shops, auctions, or the local newspaper can be called antiques. For instance, lava lamps from the 60’s or 70’s are now considered as antiques.

Certain manufacturers may have different ways of putting value and regard to a lighting piece, which is often determined by the etched markings and style.

There are antique stores that have a line up of antique lighting from as far back as 1820! These come in a wide array of styles like: Rococo Antique lighting, Renaissance Antique Gasoliers, Later Victorian Gasoliers, Aesthetic Antique Gaseliers and Antique Art Nouveau Period electrolier lighting. Among the range of antique lighting are antique gas lights, early anitique electric and antique kerosene lights, antique transitional gas and electric fixtures, antique gaseliers and atique gasoliers, antique floor lights and lamps, antique table lights and lamps, antique wall sconces, antique wall brackets, antique etched and antique art glass light shades.

Period artists such as Steuben, Tiffany, Quezal are the popular names when it comes to antique lighting. You can find antique lighting items, aside from visiting museums, from exhibits and fairs. One of the most popular exhibits in the UK is the one spearheaded by NEC called “Antiques for Everyone”. The fair is done thrice yearly and 30,000 people visited the one exhibited in April this year – a testament to the people’s continued patronage to vintage styles.

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