Patio Cushions for Easy Style and Comfort

Patio Cushions for Easy Style and Comfort

Dressing up your patio furniture is easy and affordable. Adding or replacing old patio cushions will give your patio an instant makeover. With patio cushions, you are not just bringing style into your patio but great comfort as well, making outdoor space more enjoyable.

What kind of patio cushions do you need? That will depend on the furniture you are buying it for. As you know, there are different types of patio furniture first depending on the material used such as wrought iron furniture, wicker furniture, teak wood furniture and others. Additionally, each of this type has a wide selection of furniture such as dining chairs, ottomans, chaise lounges, porch swings and garden benches. Each of this furniture requires different patio cushions.

To fit all kinds of patio furniture, patio cushions are available in numerous cuts, sizes and shapes. There are two-piece or four-piece patio cushions for chairs and lounges, square, wedge or round cushions for bar stools, five-sided or six-sided polygon shaped cushions, L-shaped or T-shaped cushions and other odd shapes.

Another important thing to consider when shopping for patio cushions is the fabric. The ideal choice, whether for open or enclosed patios, is outdoor fabric. Designed to withstand weather element, choosing outdoor fabric for your patio cushions will ensure they last long. You can choose for a classic stripe pattern for your patio bench. Patio cushions with a solid color like black will match any décor. Pick a floral print to match your garden or any pattern that suits your taste.

Getting the exact measurement of patio cushions is very important to ensure the best fit with your furniture. If you are measuring old patio cushions, make sure they are not too old or worn out because these cushions would have lost their form and will not give you precise measurements. If you have rounded foams, do not measure the curve but do not compress them either. A good way to measure patio cushions for replacement is to measure from edge to edge. Better yet, measure your furniture instead. Get the length and the width of the furniture and since you cannot measure the thickness, make an appropriate estimation.

Patio cushions are available in any outdoor furniture store. You can even have your patio cushions custom made so you are sure you are getting exactly what you want. Throw in some decorative pillows with your patio cushions and you have a plush and truly comfortable patio.

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